ESG, Impact & Evidence: Behavioural Insights at the Brighteye Edtech Startup Festival

**Title**: ESG, Impact, and Evidence: Boosting Your Startup’s Impact with Behavioral Insights

**Description**: Welcome to Day four of the Bright Side and Tech Startup Festival! Today’s focus is on ESG, Impact, and Evidence. In this session, we will explore how behavioral insights can be applied to boost the impact of your startup. Join industry experts from the Edtech sector as they share their knowledge and experience on this important topic.

Don’t miss out on this valuable discussion! The Festival brings together leading Edtech operators and industry experts for a week of digital events. All sessions are recorded and available on our website, [](

Keywords/Tags: ESG, Impact, Evidence, Edtech, behavioral insights, startup impact

Hello and welcome to the Bright Side and Tech Startup Festival. Today, on Day four, we are diving into the world of ESG, Impact, and Evidence. This morning, we discussed how to measure your startup’s impact, and now, in this second session, we will explore behavioral insights and how it can be applied to boost your startup’s impact.

I’m Heger, the head of community at Brighton Adventures. We are a Tech-focused VC firm, actively supporting startups in Europe from the earliest to lifelong learning stages. We provide both investment and thematic support to companies in the pre-seed, seed, and series A stages.

The inspiration for this Festival came from our work with startups, and we are proud to present some of the best experts in the industry who will contribute their knowledge and experience throughout the week. Our goal is to provide valuable insights on topics relevant to building and growing your startup.

We hope Day four will spark helpful conversations and connections among all participants. Feel free to post your questions and comments to our speakers in the chat. Speaking of speakers, this afternoon, we have Lal Shadesh Singh from the behavioral insights team, Kylie Sobel of Duolingo, Sorry Ranjan from Studystream, and Nicole Thats from Teach FX. These esteemed speakers are all part of the Bright Side family and will lead us through this session.

Now, let me introduce Alex Allen of Edtech Insiders. He will be guiding us through today’s discussion. Thank you for joining us, and let’s get started!

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Day four was our ESG, Impact & Evidence day, exploring behavioural insights and how it can be applied to boost impact in this second session.

The Festival brought together industry experts and leading Edtech operators for a week of digital events – all recorded and available here!

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