Eric Adams stands firm in defense of his affection for ‘vegan pizza’ amidst NYC’s clampdown on wood and coal fired ovens, drawing inspiration from Canada

# Eric Adams defends love of vegan pizza amid NYC wood and coal-fired oven crackdown

Welcome to our daily news update, where we bring you the latest headlines from around the world. In this video, New York City mayor Eric Adams defends a climate change proposal aimed at pizzerias that use coal and wood-fired ovens. He cites the smoke from the recent Canada wildfires and his own love of vegan pizza as reasons behind this crackdown.

Amidst reports of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s plans to enforce specialized and expensive emissions controls on restaurants with coal and wood-fired stoves installed in 2016 and afterward, public support for this proposal has grown. In 2015, the city council passed a local law requiring restaurants with wood and coal-burning stoves to reduce emissions by up to 75 percent.

Mayor Adams, at an unrelated press conference, expressed his passion for vegan pizza, stating that pizza holds a special place in our hearts and has even saved marriages. He emphasizes the importance of public input in the decision-making process and reassures that the aim is not to harm businesses or the environment.

The mayor acknowledges the significance of the recent Canada wildfires, highlighting the impact of the smoke on our environment. He urges everyone to find ways to address the issue of emissions while maintaining a healthy balance for businesses in the city.

One incident involving a conservative activist, Scott Lobido, who threw pizza slices over the gate of City Hall, drew attention. Mayor Adams calls for a constructive conversation instead, inviting the activist to share his views over a vegan pie.

Critics, including Elon Musk and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, have voiced their opposition to the proposed crackdown on coal and wood-fired ovens. Local pizzeria owners have expressed concerns about the financial burden and potential impact on the taste and quality of New York pizza.

These proposed rules, which require professional reviews for the installation of emission controls on pre-2016 stoves, are currently in the public review and comment period. City officials stress that the rules are expected to affect less than 100 restaurants.

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Adams challenges conservative activist protesting climate change proposal to ‘weigh in without throwing pizza over my gate’

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