Episode 4 of the Lighthouse Ventures Podcast

Welcome to the Lighthouse Ventures Podcast, where we share inspiring stories of success in real estate. In this episode, we are joined by Ed Modzel from Gimme Shelter Equity as he takes us on his journey from the TV production industry to becoming a successful real estate investor. Ed’s story is proof that anyone, including everyday individuals like you and me, can achieve wealth through real estate.

After leaving the Navy in 1979, Ed decided to explore real estate investing on a part-time basis. Inspired by a book called “No Money Down” by Robert Allen, he started buying properties and eventually accumulated around 20 over the next 35 years. Despite having a successful career in television production, Ed realized that he didn’t have enough money to retire comfortably and decided to dive deeper into real estate.

Initially, Ed tried his hand at house flipping, but soon realized that it wasn’t as fulfilling as he had hoped. Attending local real estate investment association meetings, he stumbled upon the idea of multi-family properties and decided to give it a try. With the support of his wife and through intensive education and networking, Ed made the leap into full-time real estate investing.

Despite being introverted, Ed pushed himself out of his comfort zone and chose Atlanta as his base of operations. He recognized the potential for multi-family properties in the region, and after nine months of searching, he found his first investment property. Taking a leap of faith, Ed and his wife moved into the property, enduring the challenges that come with managing a class C-minus property.

Their determination and hands-on approach paid off, as they were able to double their investment in just 17 months. Ed’s success in Atlanta opened doors for him to expand his real estate portfolio in other areas as well.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in real estate investing or looking for inspiration to take action and change their financial future. Join us as we dive deeper into Ed’s journey and learn valuable insights from his experiences.

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Hi everyone! Join us as we welcome Ed Modzel from Gimme Shelter Equity to share with us his journey in Real Estate and how he made success happen!

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