Episode 1 of TalentTalks: Patrick Pinschmidt, Co-Founder of MiddleGame Ventures

## **🎥 Episode 2: Phoenix Talent Talks: Success Series Podcast – Featuring Patrick Pinschmidt, Co-Founder of MiddleGame Ventures 🌟**

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Talent Talks Success Series in partnership with the Business Post at Phoenix! In this episode, we have the privilege to sit down with Patrick Pinschmidt, the Co-Founder of MiddleGame Ventures, a Fintech venture capital firm. Joining us are our co-hosts Ruth Lyndon and Ed Rossiter, co-CEOs of Phoenix.

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At Phoenix, we have the incredible opportunity to meet exceptional individuals from Ireland’s most dynamic companies on a daily and weekly basis. Following our highly enlightening January episode with Aidan Corbett from Wayflyer, we are thrilled to feature Patrick Pinschmidt in this podcast.

During the interview, Patrick shares his insights and experiences as the General Partner and Co-Founder of MiddleGame Ventures. MiddleGame Ventures is renowned for investing in early-stage growth businesses, with a particular focus on fintech innovation, from seed to series B funding rounds. With over 40 portfolio companies across 10+ locations, MiddleGame Ventures has made remarkable investments in renowned companies like Waveflyer and Payslip.

Patrick, with his strong Irish connections and a passion for positive investments in the region, proves to be a fascinating and engaging guest. Having spent many summers in his parents’ hometown of Herbert’s Town in County Limerick, he brings a unique perspective to the table.

The conversation with Patrick offers invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to secure venture capital funding and create successful careers. In particular, Patrick emphasizes the importance of the human element, highlighting the valuable role of a strong senior management team over the product or concept itself.

Ruth and Ed thoroughly enjoyed their conversation with Patrick, fascinated by his unconventional career path that led him from prominent investment banks to the US Treasury Department, and finally to the world of venture capital.

Tune in till the end of the episode for a rapid-fire round, where Patrick answers some thought-provoking questions. He also provides excellent advice for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the business world.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights from the man behind MiddleGame Ventures. Join us now and discover the secrets to success in entrepreneurship and venture capital!

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In the second episode of the Phoenix Talent Talks: Success Series Podcast in partnership with the Business Post, Phoenix Co-CEOs Ruth Lyndon and Ed Rossiter talk to Patrick Pinschmidt, Co-Founder of Fintech venture capital firm, MiddleGame Ventures.

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