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## All Iron Ventures: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Investing in Startups

Welcome to All Iron Ventures, a venture capital fund created by Ander Michelena and Jon Uriarte. Previously, in 2009, they founded Ticketbis, a secondary ticket marketplace where fans buy and sell various types of tickets, such as concert tickets and sports event tickets[^1^]. Ticketbis became incredibly successful, with annual sales exceeding 100 million euros. Its success caught the attention of eBay, which acquired the company in 2016 for 165 million euros[^1^].

With the funds from the acquisition, All Iron Ventures was born. It is now a venture capital fund that supports other entrepreneurs in bringing their projects to life[^1^]. In this video, our chief editor, Luis Miguel Belda, interviews co-founder Ander Michelena to learn more about All Iron Ventures and their mission in the startup world[^1^].

## Ander Michelena: Co-Founder of All Iron Ventures

Ander Michelena, co-founder of Ticketbis and All Iron Ventures, shares the story behind their name and their journey in the startup ecosystem[^2^]. The name “All Iron” is inspired by the celebration chant “Alirón” in Bilbao, Spain, when the local soccer team wins a championship. It symbolizes their success in discovering a rich iron vein and finding ways to celebrate it with others[^2^].

Instead of retiring after the acquisition of Ticketbis, Ander and his co-founder chose to reinvest in the startup ecosystem and help other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams[^2^]. They established a family office and started investing their own money before attracting external investors to create All Iron Ventures, which now has a fund of 120 million euros for startup investments[^2^].

## Empowering Entrepreneurs and Investing in Startups

All Iron Ventures is not your typical venture capital fund. Ander emphasizes that they are not just providing funding; they also offer their expertise and lessons learned as entrepreneurs who have built and sold successful companies[^2^]. Their hands-on approach sets them apart, and they are committed to supporting startups throughout their entire journey, from early stages to later rounds of funding[^2^]. They have the flexibility to invest in different phases, depending on the startup’s growth and revenue[^2^].

The benefits of partnering with All Iron Ventures go beyond financial backing. Their unique perspective and experience bring added value to the startups they support[^2^]. With their extensive network and knowledge, they aim to help these startups succeed by sharing their insights, strategies, and lessons learned from their own entrepreneurial journey[^2^].

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or startup looking for financing and guidance, consider reaching out to All Iron Ventures. They are selective in their investments but are open to considering startups with real revenue and growth potential[^2^]. They are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and making a difference in the startup ecosystem.

For more information about All Iron Ventures and their investments, please visit their website: [All Iron Ventures](

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All Iron Ventures es un fondo de capital riesgo creado por Ander Michelena y Jon Uriarte. Con anterioridad, en 2009, fundaron Ticketbis, un mercado secundario de venta de entradas para los fanáticos que compran y venden diversos tipos de entradas, por ejemplo de conciertos, de eventos deportivos, etcétera. Lograron ventas superiores a los 100 millones de euros al año. Tan exitosa fue su iniciativa que una gran compañía como eBay se fijó en ella y la adquirió en 2016 por 165 millones de euros. Con este dinero nace All Iron Ventures, un fondo de capital riesgo que ahora ayuda a otros emprendedores a sacar adelante sus proyectos. Nuestro redactor jefe, Luis Miguel Belda, conversa con su cofundador, Ander Michelena.

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