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## Easy and Effective Real Estate Marketing with Royaltie Gem ##
Looking to get ahead of your competitors in the real estate market? Look no further than Royaltie Gem, the leader in Proximity marketing. With our cutting-edge technology, you can target your audience like never before, increasing leads, sales, and achieving your business goals.

### What is Royaltie Gem? ###

Royaltie Gem is a Bluetooth proximity beacon that allows you to promote your brand or business to everyone within a 1,000 meter radius. Imagine reaching hundreds of potential customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

### The Power of Proximity Marketing ###

With Royaltie Gem, the possibilities for marketing your real estate business are endless. Here are just a few examples:

– **Brick and Mortars**: Use the Gem to attract new customers and reward existing ones with in-store discounts and coupons.
– **Real Estate Agents**: Attach a Gem to your “For Sale” sign and instantly alert nearby walkers to view your listings.
– **Bars and Restaurants**: Broadcast your happy hour specials and weekly promotions to potential customers in your vicinity.
– **Boutiques and Salons**: Advertise your products or services to clients who are already browsing their phones while getting pampered.

### How Does Royaltie Gem Work? ###

Royaltie Gem is easy to use and highly effective. Simply transmit a 40-character message and call-to-action to most phones within a 50 to 100-yard radius of the Gem. Your message will appear as a notification on their phone, capturing their attention and driving them to take action.

### Order Royaltie Gem Now ###

Ready to take your real estate marketing to the next level? Visit [Royaltie Gem]( to sign up and start broadcasting your message today. Still have questions? Call our direct line at 323-484-6680 for more information.

*Watch the video above for a step-by-step guide on how Royaltie Gem can revolutionize your real estate marketing.* Easy and effective marketing for real estate is finally here. We can help you get your message in font of android and iphone users. Our little device will get your message broadcast to android phones with bluetooth activated and our uplink will allow you to generate leads on iphone devices. To top it off we also offer you unlimited digital business cards. Its the 21st century now its time to market like that too. Give me a call today to learn about easy and effective marketing for real estate.
Call today 323-484-6680

This easy and effective marketing for real estate will help you get your property, agents and business in front of more eyeballs. If you are ready to target markets in ways your competitors are not doing right now. Its the digital age and lets have you in front of the herd rather than part of it.
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Royaltie Gem is the leader in Proximity marketing which is big right now. Take advantage of their awesome technology and increase leads, increase sales and achieve your goals. The Royaltie gem was introduced in January of last year and has been scaling up ever since.
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Now Royaltie has spent over a $1,000,000 Dollars on the NEW Upline Networks App which is the FIRST Team Management tool for the Online Marketing Niche. Very powerful and the best part is…It’s FREE!!!
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Royaltie Gem allows you to promote your business or brand to everyone upto 1,000 meters from you. For more info or to sign up with Royaltie now you can do so at or if you have some more questions about the Royaltie Gem or Proximity marketing then you can call me on my direct line at 323-484-6680
Thanks for watching and have a fabulous day!!

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