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**Title:** Unveiling the First Dragon Driving School in History | Experience the Magic of “La Historia Interminable” Musical


Join us on an incredible journey as BEON ADVERTISING brings to life the first-ever dragon driving school in history, right in the heart of Teatro Calderón in Madrid. With the aim to foster a vibrant community, we successfully registered 2,400 new contacts during the span of a month.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable experience where fantasy meets reality? Discover the magic of “La Historia Interminable” musical and get the chance to interact with enchanting characters such as the rock-biter and wetusta morla.

At our dragon driving school, you’ll have the opportunity to soar through the skies on the back of Fuyut, the legendary Dragon Blanco, using cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Traverse through the enchanting realm of Fantasía, encountering thrilling challenges along the way, until you reach the majestic Ivory Tower. This exhilarating experience guarantees fun for all ages and promises to be just as magical as the iconic story by Michael Ende.

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**Video Transcript:**

Attention all 80s enthusiasts! We have great news for you. Finally, the long-awaited “La Historia Interminable” musical has arrived at Teatro Calderón, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. But how do we announce something so unique and extraordinary? By unleashing our imagination.

Imagine if people could hop onto Fuyut, the mighty Dragon Blanco, and soar through the fantastical world of Fantasía. What if this exhilarating flight could also earn you a dragon pilot license, complete with exclusive perks and discounts?

Behold, the first-ever dragon driving school in history! Using innovative 360-degree virtual reality technology, we have transformed the theater’s hall into a mind-blowing experience. Now, you can witness the beauty of Fantasía firsthand, encounter beloved characters like the rock-biter and wetusta morla, and overcome thrilling challenges until you reach the magical Ivory Tower.

This experience is not just for the young but for all ages who seek a touch of magic and wonder. Join us as we bring Michael Ende’s captivating story to life in an unforgettable way.

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Now, prepare to embark on a journey of a lifetime!

Durante un mes, BEON ADVERTISING activó la primera autoescuela de dragones de la historia, en el hall del Teatro Calderón de Madrid, y lograron registrar a 2.400 contactos nuevos. Querían crear una comunidad a través de la website y las RRSS del musical, aumentando así la interacción con el público.

“Vencedor de los Premios Dircom Ramón del Corral 2023 en la categoría “Comunicación de producto o servicio”.

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