Abac Capital expands its hospitality offensive by acquiring Tommy Mel’s

**Abac Capital acquires Tommy Mel’s in its hospitality offensive**

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*Published: April 18, 2018*
*Duration: 00:19*

Abac Capital, a prominent private equity firm, continues its strategic expansion into the hospitality sector with the acquisition of Tommy Mel’s, a renowned American cuisine brand[^1^]. This latest investment marks the third successful operation in the restaurant industry within just a few months, solidifying Abac Capital’s growing influence in the distribution and corporate landscape[^2^].

Tommy Mel’s, with its iconic 1950s-inspired ambiance and flavorful menu, delivers an immersive dining experience that captivates customers from all walks of life. Now under the umbrella of Abac Capital, Tommy Mel’s is poised for even greater growth and innovation in the dynamic world of food and beverage industry[^3^].

As a viewer, you’ll witness the unveiling of Abac Capital’s strategy to conquer the hospitality market and gain valuable insights into the future prospects of Tommy Mel’s, a brand that exudes nostalgia and culinary excellence[^4^]. Join us in this exclusive video to explore the exciting intersection of business, distribution, and growth!

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[^1^]: [Read more about Tommy Mel’s acquisition by Abac Capital](
[^2^]: [Learn about Abac Capital’s successful operations in the hospitality sector](
[^3^]: [Discover the unique dining experience at Tommy Mel’s](
[^4^]: [Explore the prospects of Tommy Mel’s under the ownership of Abac Capital](

Abac Capital se hace con Tommy Mel’s en su ofensiva en hosteler�a
18 abr. 2018 – 00:19 La firma ultima la inversi�n en la ense�a de comida estadounidense. Es la tercera operaci�n en restauraci�n que materializa el fondo en pocos meses. Abac Capital prosigue la ofens…

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