Digital Tech Fund: Speech by Mr. Alain Rodermann, Expon Capital

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel for the launch press conference of the Digital Tech Fund! Join us as we hear from Mr. Etienne Schneider, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Luxembourg, as we discuss the exciting opportunities that the fund brings to the startup and venture capital ecosystem in Luxembourg.

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In this conference, we will delve into topics such as funding for high-growth technology companies, the role of Luxembourg as a startup nation, and the partnerships that will support the growth and success of these innovative startups.

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– Alainrodermann
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– Luxembourg
– Venturecapital
– Startupnation
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– Presse

Join us as we explore the potential of the Digital Tech Fund and its impact on the Luxembourg startup scene. To stay updated on the latest news and developments in the world of venture capital and technology, subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to never miss an update!

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Conférence de presse de lancement du Digital Tech Fund, avec M. le Vice-Premier Ministre, Ministre de l’Economie du Luxembourg, M. Etienne Schneider.

Luxembourg, 12 avril 2016

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