Dialogue with Endesa, All Iron Ventures, Lookiero & Hive at South Summit 2020

**Title: Consumer Trend | Personalization in the Fashion Industry**

Welcome to our south summit stage, where we are joined by industry experts discussing the exciting trend of personalization in the fashion industry. In this panel discussion, Ander Michelena from All Iron Ventures, Oier Urrutia from Lookiero, Ignacio Moutas from Endesa, and Xavier Fité Camarena from Hive share their insights and experiences. Learn how Lokiero, Endesa, and Hive are utilizing data and personalization to revolutionize fashion and utility services. Watch the full video to discover their secret sauce and success stories!

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At our South Summit stage, we’re delighted to be joined by two gentlemen: Nacho Moutas from Endesa and Chavie Fite from Hive. So, apologies if I haven’t pronounced anybody’s name right – my name is pretty difficult, but I’m learning Spanish and Catalan names.

We are bringing together the physical and virtual worlds here at South Summit 100. It is such a thrill to be here, and I’m going to hand over to Ander Michelena to moderate our next panel.

Ander is the co-founder of Ticketbiz, a company acquired by eBay in 2016, and an investor in various successful ventures like Chiquisimo, Fintonic, Truck, and Lookiero.

We are joined today by Oier Urrutia, founder of Lookiero, an online personal shopping service for women. Lookiero has raised over 30 million euros and has made tremendous strides in transforming the online fashion industry. Thank you for joining us, Oier.

Oier, tell us more about Lookiero and its evolution so far.

Lookiero is an online personal shopping service for women. Our unique model is based on our clients’ style profile and a personal software that chooses five clothing items for them. These items are shipped to their homes, and the clients have five days to decide what they want to keep and return the rest.

Our model brings a significant discovery component as clients don’t know what they are getting until they receive the box. We help them discover new brands and possibilities they wouldn’t have chosen themselves. Since our launch in 2016, we have expanded to seven countries and have a team of nearly 400 people.

We have been on a growth path over the years, and despite the challenges posed by 2020, we managed to have our best month after the lockdown. We have exciting plans for the future and recently launched our TV campaign. Stay tuned to witness our continued success.

Personalization is at the core of Lookiero’s success. How do you achieve such high levels of personalization?

At Lookiero, we offer the most personalized experience in the fashion industry, thanks to the vast amount of data we gather from our clients. We collect data through their style profiles, including their taste, preferences, and budget. Additionally, we gather feedback on each box we send them, allowing us to continuously improve our algorithms and the overall experience.

The more our clients repeat their engagement with us, the more personalized service we can offer. Personalization is our secret sauce, and our data-driven approach allows us to deliver a unique and tailored experience to each client.

Nacho Moutas, as the Head of Product B2C at Endesa, a major utility company, how do you utilize data and personalization in your services?

At Enesda, we handle a massive volume of data from our more than 11 million clients. Data plays a crucial role in personalizing our services and offerings. For example, we have recently launched a subscription model, and personalization is key in delivering the best value to our customers.

Using the data we gather on energy consumption patterns, we can build models to understand how clients will consume their energy in the future. This information allows us to offer tailored products and services that meet each customer’s unique needs.

Personalization, along with simplicity and ease of understanding, is essential in our subscription model. We provide a simple value proposition, where customers pay a monthly fee for all the energy they need. We believe personalization and subscription models are the way of the future in our industry.

Xavier Fité Camarena, COO of Hive, an electric scooter company, how do you leverage data to personalize the user experience?

At Hive, we understand the importance of customization and personalization in the mobility industry. We use the vast amount of data gathered from our hundreds of thousands of users to understand their requirements and provide tailored offers. Factors like temperature, traffic, and user preferences play a significant role in shaping the customer experience.

We believe in offering a flat rate to give customers flexibility and ensure they receive the best service. As people start to allocate budgets for different aspects of their lives, like mobility, electricity, and fashion, personalization becomes even more critical.

Thank you for joining us for this insightful panel discussion on personalization in the fashion and utility industries. We hope you enjoyed gaining insights from Oier Urrutia of Lookiero, Ignacio Moutas of Endesa, and Xavier Fité Camarena of Hive. Stay tuned for more exciting content on this consumer trend.

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Consumer Trend | Personalization conversation with:
– Ander Michelena, Founding Partner – All Iron Ventures
– Oier Urrutia, Founder, Lookiero
– Ignacio Moutas, Head of Product B2C – Endesa
– Xavier Fité Camarena, COO – Hive

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