Damian Garbaccio of Affinity Solutions highlights Purchase Data as Vital Component of Outcome-Based Marketing

# Advancing Media Measurement with Affinity Solutions

Learn how to measure business outcomes with purchase data from banks and consumers who have opted in to share their information. In this Beet.TV Leadership Series and Dinner, Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business and Marketing Officer at Affinity Solutions, explains the value of consumer purchase data in metrics and outcome-based advertising and marketing.

According to Garbaccio, Affinity Solutions fits into the media and marketing tech ecosystem by providing scaled transaction data and insights for planning, activation, targeting, and measurement. The core of Affinity’s service is its uniquely valuable consumer purchase data.

Affinity’s data can help brands and media companies understand more about their audiences while planning media and reach the right individuals with the right content. Additionally, Affinity enables outcome-based advertising and marketing by identifying consumer purchase as the ultimate goal of these efforts.

Concerned about privacy? Affinity has access to data with consent from banking and consumer partners. Its purchase dataset represents actual transactions made with credit and debit cards at specific retailers, QSRs, and other locations.

Affinity Solutions can assist a variety of stakeholders, including agency holding companies, measurement and adtech platforms, tier one media, and big data in tech companies.

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NEW YORK – Measuring business outcomes is a key part of helping marketers to understand the effectiveness of their advertising and promotional efforts. Purchase data from banks and consumers who have opted in to share the information are a valuable resource in these metrics.

“We’ve been talking about outcomes for a while, but this really puts a stake in the ground and allows us to have the transaction or the consumer purchase as the outcome,” Damian Garbaccio, chief business and marketing officer at Affinity Solutions, said in this interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser. “We feel really good … that we will be that signal that helps in the marketplace.”

Agency holding companies, media owners, measurement companies and adtech firms all can find applications for consumer purchase data, Garbaccio said.

“We’re now able to help them through all stages of the advertising funnel,” he said. “Affinity puts us in the best place to do those and really get outcome-based advertising and marketing to a new level.”

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