“SMOK Ventures – Embracing an American Approach in Eastern Europe”

In this deep dive video, founder of Betterfront, Michel Geolier, shares valuable insights on creating and presenting a track record as a VC. The video covers why track records are crucial, the required data, what the record should cover, the top mistakes VCs make, the importance of storytelling, and how to compensate for a thin record. The discussion is led by Boris, who represents the American approach to Eastern European venture. The webinar sheds light on the differences between the US and EU style of investing in tech start-ups. If you are an entrepreneur seeking financing or a VC looking to enhance your investment strategies, this video is a must-watch!

**Keywords/Tags:** track record, VC, data, storytelling, American approach to Eastern Europe, tech start-ups, investment strategies

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Join us for a true deep dive on how to create and present your track record as a VC with Michel Geolier, founder of Betterfront.

We will cover everything from why track records are so important, what data’s required, what the track record should cover, top 3 mistakes made by VCs, why storytelling is key and how to compensate for a thin record (so far).

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