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# **Build your own File Sharing Website**
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## **About this Course**
Learn how to create a file sharing and hosting website from scratch. In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to set up and customize your own file sharing website. By creating a file sharing website, users can easily upload and share files over the internet. This course is suitable for all skill levels and is conducted in English with subtitles available.

## **Why Create a File Sharing Website?**
– Upload and share files easily
– Access files from anywhere
– Convenient way to share files

## **Requirements**
To build and host your own file sharing website, you will need:
– Web hosting
– Domain

## **Course Overview**
1. Introduction to the Course
2. What is a File Sharing Website?
3. Requirements for Building a File Hosting Website
4. Introduction to ProjectSend
5. Uploading ProjectSend to Your Web Hosting
6. Hosting and Installing ProjectSend
7. Website Customization (Changing Logo and Footer Text)
8. File Extensions and Registration Settings
9. Managing Users and User Categories
10. Uploading and Downloading Files
11. System User Management
12. Advanced Features and Templates

## **What’s Included in This Course**
– Downloadable lectures
– Additional resources for reference

## **I’m The Right Teacher For You**
I have created this course using simple and easy-to-understand language to ensure that you can follow along easily. Join me in this course and learn how to build your own file sharing website confidently.

## **Download Resources**
You can download the resources related to this course from the links below:
– [Telegram](
– [Instagram](
– [Website](

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Build your own File Shareing Website | Sparkmind Academy | Learn how to create file Shareing and hosting website from scratch


In This Course, You Will Learn How To Create File Sharing / File Hosting Website From Scratch. This Course is In English Language. With The Help Of File Sharing Website, User Can Upload & Share The Files Over The Internet. For Building File Sharing Website, You Need A Web Hosting And A Domain Name To Create File Sharing Website.

Skill Level – Any Levels
Language – English
Subtitle – Yes
Lacture – 18
Resources – Available

🕹️ You can also visit :
Telegram –
Instagram –
Website –

❓ Why To Create File Sharing Website ?

You Can Upload Files
You Can Share The Uploaded Files
File Can Be Accessed Anywhere
Easy To Share Files

⁉️ This Course is For You If…?

• You Want To Build File Sharing /File Hosting Website From Scratch

• You Want To Know How To Build File Sharing / File Hosting Website

• Want To Create Own File Sharing Website To Host Your Files

⚡Requirements :

• Web Hosting
• Domain

📌 Covered in This Course :

• Introduction About Course
• What is File Sharing Website
• Requirements
• Introduction To ProjectSend
• Uploading ProjectSend To File
• Hosting
• Installing ProjectSend
• Login
• Changing Site Logo
• Changing Footer Text & Time
• Zone Of Website File Extensions
• Enable Registration
• Adding User Manually
• Managing Users
• Adding & Managing System
• User
• Categories
• Uploading & Downloading File
• Managing File

🔻Whats Included in This Course:

± Downloadable Lectures
± Resource

🔰 I’m The Right Teacher For You?

I Tried My Best To Teach You in Easy
Words in This Course 😊

📥 Download Meterial :


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