CORE Optimisation and Meaghers Pharmacies: Trade On! Webinar 2

**Title: Optimizing Conversion Rate and Google PPC for Massive Revenue Growth – Case Study**

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Welcome to our webinar where we delve into the world of conversion optimization and Google PPC. In this video, we’ll explore why conversion rate is crucial for your digital marketing growth strategy and how it can lead to game-changing revenue growth. We are excited to present a compelling case study featuring Meagher’s Pharmacies and their remarkable online revenue growth through paid search campaigns and Google Shopping.

**Timestamp**: 00:00 – Introduction and Appreciation

Digital marketing manager James Byrne from Columbia Ireland, and Chair of Retail Excellence E-commerce Committee, welcomes over 300 registered participants and expresses gratitude to Meagher’s Pharmacies, Retail Excellence, Core Optimization, and DPD for their support.

Timestamp: 02:30 – Background and Upcoming Webinars

Last week, we discussed insights and reshaping digital strategies with Wolfgang Digital and Elvery’s Sports. If you missed it, you can watch it on the Retail Excellence YouTube channel. Next week, Connor from Social Media Elite and Paul Kealy from Tony Kealys will share their expertise on driving in-store sales through social media.

Timestamp: 04:10 – Conversion Rate Optimization and Game-Changing Growth

Digital strategists Lisa Cochran and Alice Goodwin from Core Optimization provide valuable insights into why conversion rate should be at the center of your digital marketing growth strategy. They discuss how Meagher’s Pharmacies’ approach to paid search campaigns and Google Shopping significantly increased their online revenue and profitability.

Timestamp: 07:25 – Analyzing Conversion Rate with Analytics

Lisa explains the importance of utilizing web analytics to understand customer behavior and optimize conversion rate. An example is shared where significant improvements were made by addressing mobile conversion rate issues through eliminating unnecessary add-ons.

**Timestamp**: 09:45 – Q&A and Expert Panel Discussion

Lisa and Alice are joined by Una O’Hagan, the Managing Director and Owner of Meagher’s Pharmacies, who answers questions from the audience. Learn from the experiences and strategies that led to Meagher’s Pharmacies becoming a leading brand in Ireland’s e-commerce industry.

**Timestamp**: 24:10 – Conclusion and Call to Action

James Byrne expresses admiration for Meagher’s Pharmacies and emphasizes the importance of sharing information and helping fellow retailers succeed in the digital era. He urges viewers to mention the webinar on Twitter if they find it beneficial.

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Getting ahead with conversion optimisation and Google PPC

Core Optimisation take you through why conversion rate needs to be central to your digital marketing growth strategy and how it can influence game changing revenue growth.

The case study shows how Meagher’s Pharmacies, by having the right approach and methodology through paid search campaigns and Google Shopping, substantially and profitably grew their online revenue.

3 Thursdays // 3 retailer case studies // 3pm

16.07 // How insights can help re-shape your digital strategy // Wolfgang Digital and Elvery’s Sports

23.07 // Getting ahead with conversion optimisation and Google PPC // Core Optimisation and Meaghers Pharmacies

30.07 // How social media ads can drive instore sales and how to track results // Social Media Elite and Tony Kealys

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