Controversy Surrounding GBAPS Downsizing Decision

## **_Green Bay School Board Considers Downsizing the District_**


The Green Bay School Board is currently deliberating on important decisions regarding the downsizing of the district, in an effort to address sustainability concerns. In order to ensure that all parents’ voices are heard, a public forum was held at Washington Middle School, where speakers had the opportunity to address the School Board directly.

One of the parents we spoke to shared concerns about the potential impact on the Latino community should certain schools be closed. Relocating schools further away might require children to take the bus, limiting their participation in after-school programs. The parent emphasized the importance of maintaining opportunities for the community to thrive.

It’s crucial to recognize that the education of the Latino community and their valuable contributions to the district should not be hindered. These changes need to be approached in a way that preserves the current opportunities available to them.

The aforementioned parent also highlighted the fact that many parents within the Latino community may not have access to the same resources as others, resulting in logistical challenges in picking up their children from school after a certain time.

While the School Board President stands by the solid ideas put forth by the task force, it is important to acknowledge that change is necessary due to the growing unsustainability of the district. Exploring solutions that address these concerns is crucial for the overall well-being of the district and its future.

For more information about this ongoing discussion and the Green Bay School Board’s efforts towards downsizing the district, click [here](

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