Recommendation for Downsizing at GBAPS

# **Title:**
Green Bay School Board Meeting: Deciding the Fate of District Schools

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In this Green Bay Area Public School District Board meeting, passionate community members gathered to voice their concerns about the proposed downsizing of the district. The task force presented a recommendation to close or repurpose several schools and build a new elementary school district, with the goal of saving 13.5% on operational costs[^1^]. However, Amanda Garcia and her group argue that these recommendations fail to address the specific needs of Hispanic students, who make up over 30% of the district population[^2^].

Despite acknowledging the declining student population as a reason for downsizing, district officials expressed their commitment to making equitable decisions that prioritize the education of all students[^1^]. Understandably, emotions ran high as community members expressed their love for the neighborhood and buildings impacted by the proposed changes[^3^].

While this process may be challenging, the ultimate aim of the school board is to provide better facilities and opportunities for all students in the district[^4^]. By taking a breath and allowing the work to continue, they hope to create a positive impact on the entire educational community[^3^].

Join us in this crucial discussion about the future of Green Bay schools. Together, we can find a solution that benefits every student and strengthens our educational community[^4^].

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School Board still must vote on it.

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