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**🎧 [Borys Musielak](, co-founder of SMOK Ventures and Startup Poland Foundation, shares his insights on the creation of SMOK and offers valuable advice for founders on how to engage with investors.**

In this podcast episode, Borys Musielak, an experienced entrepreneur himself with the successful platform Filmaster, reveals the behind-the-scenes of SMOK Ventures and the strategic thinking behind the fund. He explains how the collaboration with Paul Bragiel, his partner, shaped the growth of SMOK Ventures.

Furthermore, Borys dives deep into his experience with Filmaster, which later merged with Samba TV, emphasizing how those experiences influenced his investment perspective. He also sheds light on the companies that SMOK Ventures currently has in its portfolio and discusses the reasons behind the fund’s interest in Ukrainian and Belarusian founders.

As the conversation unfolds, Borys shares his thoughts on the evolving startup ecosystem in Poland and how the Startup Poland Foundation plays a crucial role in supporting the community.

One of the highlights of the discussion is the potential of inSTREAMLY, a company Borys believes has the chance to become a unicorn. He elaborates on the reasons behind this belief and highlights the opportunities in the industry.

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– [Damian Jemioło](
– [Borys Musielak](

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#podcast #smokventures #borysmusielak

🎧 Borys Musielak to cofounder funduszu SMOK Ventures i fundacji Startup Poland. Sam też zaczynał jako startupowiec i stworzył platformę Filmaster. Borys opowiada o kulisach powstania SMOK-a i wskazuje, jak founderzy powinni rozmawiać z inwestorami.

▶️ Spis treści:
00:00 Wstęp
0:32 Jak powstał SMOK Ventures?
6:21 Kim jest Paul Bragiel – wspólnik Borysa?
8:58 Filmaster – startup Borysa połączył się z Samba TV
13:35 Jakie spółki SMOK ma w portfolio?
20:14 Dlaczego SMOK chce pozyskiwać ukraińskich i białoruskich founderów?
26:25 Jak doświadczenie inwestycyjne zmieniło poglądy Borysa?
32:00 Fundacja Startup Poland – jaka jest w tym rola Borysa?
33:30 inSTREAMLY – szansa na unicorna?
40:48 Jak zmienia się branża startupowa w Polsce?

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Damian Jemioło
Borys Musielak

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