CENTCOM’s Tech Innovation 1: Securing Air Superiority through the Closing Keynote

**Title: Understanding the Future of Warfare: Fireside Chat with Lieutenant General Alexis Grinkowicz**

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Welcome to our fireside chat with Lieutenant General Alexis Grinkowicz, the commander of U.S Air Force’s Central. In this session, General Grinkowicz discusses the role of commercial innovation in shaping warfare and the importance of understanding the evolving nature of battles in the digital age.

As the Commander of U.S Air Force’s Central responsible for operations in 21 countries, including Syria and Iran, General Grinkowicz provides valuable insights from his experience on the ground in Qatar’s IUD Air Base.

In this chat, General Grinkowicz emphasizes the rapid changes happening in warfare due to digital and data-centric technologies. Drawing inspiration from military history, he encourages military professionals to reflect deeply on how these changes impact future battles and the implications they hold.

By highlighting the concept of super battlefields, General Grinkowicz explains the expanded geography and timelines of conflicts, encompassing cyberspace, highly elliptical orbits, and even space. He emphasizes the importance of perceiving today’s battle and making strategic decisions accordingly to ensure victory in future wars.

Discussing the role of the Middle East in the larger picture, General Grinkowicz connects the region’s significance to the focus on China. He clarifies how any violent attack or crisis in the Middle East could divert attention and resources from the national defense strategy towards immediate threats. Furthermore, he sheds light on China’s strategic interests in the Middle East, particularly their dependence on hydrocarbon resources and access to rare earth minerals for advanced military applications.

Understanding the profound impact of China’s influence in the region, General Grinkowicz urges viewers to contemplate the consequences of a hypothetical displacement of American influence in the Persian Gulf by China.

Join us for this fireside chat to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving nature of warfare and the crucial role of commercial innovation in shaping its future.

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