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## Retirement Consulting: Helping Advisors Navigate Decumulation | Marcia Mantell RMA®

Welcome to **Marcia Mantell’s Retirement Consulting**, where we specialize in assisting advisors in the transition from accumulation to decumulation strategies. As a non-traditional financial advisor, I understand the unique challenges faced when clients need their nest egg to last for decades.

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## A Comprehensive Approach to Securing Your Retirement Income

The Retirement Management Advisor (RMA) designation has been instrumental in providing a structured framework for advisors, including myself, to approach clients navigating the decumulation phase. By leveraging the RMA methodology, advisors gain access to proven strategies and investment approaches tailored to address the needs of clients with substantial retirement assets.

But decumulation planning is more than just investments. At Mantell Retirement Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding your unique situation. We delve into your household dynamics, individual needs, and explore key areas such as Social Security and Medicare.

## Unlocking the Secrets of Social Security and Medicare

Contrary to popular belief, understanding Social Security and Medicare can be complex. Our expertise in these crucial programs allows us to guide clients through the intricacies and ensure they are maximizing their benefits. We go beyond the typical knowledge and provide tailored strategies designed to optimize your retirement income plan.

## Retaining Clients and Navigating the Future

As retirement approaches, clients face a critical choice: continue working with their trusted accumulation advisor or seek an expert in decumulation strategies. The RMA designation empowers me to bridge this gap and provide exceptional guidance during this pivotal transition.

By partnering with Mantell Retirement Consulting, accumulation advisors can trust that their clients’ needs will be met with precision and expertise. Together, we create a roadmap that ensures financial security for the next 30 years and beyond.

*Ready to embark on your decumulation journey? Contact Marcia Mantell today to learn more about how our Retirement Consulting services can help advisors and clients alike.*

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– [Investments & Wealth Institute](source link)

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