Cathay Innovation aims to assist French entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses in the United States

#### Cathay Innovation: Helping French Entrepreneurs Create Start-ups in Silicon Valley

*Are you a French entrepreneur looking to launch your start-up in Silicon Valley? Look no further! Cathay Innovation is here to help. With their billion-dollar investment fund and innovative talent matchmaking platform, Cathay Innovation is revolutionizing the start-up ecosystem.*

As the French tech ecosystem continues to grow, attracting international talents and expanding into new markets has become a challenge. That’s where Cathay Innovation comes in. With their extensive experience and presence in the US, they are uniquely positioned to provide invaluable support to French entrepreneurs.

But what sets Cathay Innovation apart? Unlike traditional intermediaries, Cathay Innovation is focused on more than just connecting start-ups and talents. They aim to recreate the magic of Silicon Valley, fostering executive-level connections and collaborations through their digital platform. With over 200 start-ups and founders ready to exchange talents and expertise, this is the opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Not only is Cathay Innovation catering to the needs of French entrepreneurs, but they are also reaching out to the French diaspora abroad. More and more French talents are returning to France, attracted by the country’s growing attractiveness in the start-up scene. However, they often lack the knowledge and networks within the French ecosystem. Cathay Innovation’s platform serves as a bridge, connecting returnees with the resources they need to thrive.

In addition to their innovative talent platform, Cathay Innovation is also launching a new investment fund. With 1 billion euros at their disposal, they are dedicated to supporting French start-ups, even in times of crisis. History has shown that periods of economic downturn can be breeding grounds for successful companies. By investing in key sectors such as fintech, digital health, consumer tech, and clean energy, Cathay Innovation is fueling the growth of the French start-up landscape.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity. Join Cathay Innovation and make your mark in Silicon Valley!

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Cathay Innovation veut aider les entrepreneurs français à créer leurs entreprises aux États-Unis

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