Ander Michelena, Partner at All Iron Ventures, Speaks at Startup Grind Barcelona

### [Startup Grind: From Founder to VC – Breaking the Rules of Venture Capital](

Welcome to the Startup Grind online show! In this episode, we talk about the journey from being a founder to becoming a successful venture capitalist. Join us as we discuss startup advice, share success stories, and explore unconventional strategies in the world of entrepreneurship.


0:00 – Introduction and greetings
2:35 – Transitioning to online events
4:12 – Global reach and partnerships
6:20 – Guest introduction: Background and founding a startup
12:50 – Selling the company and lessons learned
19:30 – Venturing into the investment industry
24:45 – Challenging the traditional venture capital model
30:15 – Conclusion and future plans

### How to Start and Transition from Founder to VC

In this episode, we have a candid conversation with an entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist, diving into the challenges and triumphs of starting and growing a business. Learn valuable insights about:

– How to build a successful startup from scratch
– Navigating through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship
– Seizing opportunities and making difficult decisions
– Unconventional approaches to venture capital investment
– Breaking the rules and finding your own path to success

Even if you’re not based in Barcelona, join us for this insightful discussion that transcends borders and connects entrepreneurs from all around the globe. We’re proud to be partnered with AWS for Startups and supported by Google for Startups, making Startup Grind a truly global initiative.

For more information on Startup Grind and its international chapters, visit our [official website]( for updates on events, networking opportunities, and resources for entrepreneurs in various industries.

*Source*: [Startup Grind YouTube Channel](

*Original Video:* [Startup Grind: From Founder to VC – Breaking the Rules of Venture Capital](

Online show, January 2021

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