Biosave Hackathon: Harnessing Innovation for Better Future

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# Join our digital solutions community and be part of the agricultural revolution in Togo, Bouaké, Yamoussoukro, Gagnoa, and more!

Welcome to our YouTube channel! We are passionate about providing innovative digital solutions and embracing a modern culture. Our belief is that leveraging the power of technology can drive the growth of various industries, including agriculture.

In 2018, we organized a series of events called “akaton” in different cities, bringing together young developers, ambitious individuals with groundbreaking ideas, and the agricultural community. This event sparked our journey to create impactful solutions for waste management.

Through the akaton, we discovered the potential of our first prototype and its scalability in Côte d’Ivoire. This success led us to participate in other competitions, such as Orange Fabre Orange Entrepreneuriat. Additionally, we were incubated by Six Variable, an established organization with a proven process.

Our approach focuses on both managerial aspects and product development. We have developed an application that integrates local language and French, catering to the diverse needs of users. After extensive testing, we realized the potential of our application and expanded its functionalities to include the formulation of various organic fertilizers, empowering farmers to create their own blend using locally available resources.

Since 2018, we have made significant progress. We now offer not only the application but also organic ingredients for sale. This initiative aims to provide farmers with affordable and sustainable solutions. By collecting cow dung, ash, and cocoa pods from local farmers, we engage in recycling, contributing to a circular economy while supporting the community’s long-term development.

Throughout our journey, we have witnessed the impact of technology and our efforts in resolving the challenges faced by the agricultural sector. We now produce over 20 tons of organic fertilizer per month and have a growing customer base of over 500 clients. We have set ambitious goals, targeting a revenue of 50 million and expanding our team to create more employment opportunities.

At [CV Agriac](authority_link1), we are proud of what we have achieved, but our drive for innovation and revolutionizing agriculture pushes us to do more. We invite those with revolutionary ideas and expertise in the digital field to join us in our mission to connect technology with agriculture.

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