The Crucial Challenge Faced by Venture Capital

**Title: Women Leadership and Venture Capital: A Conversation with Sharon Vosmek**


Welcome to the SRI 360° Podcast, where we delve into the world of sustainable and responsible investing. In this episode, Scott Arnell interviews Sharon Vosmek, the CEO of Astia, a leading organization dedicated to supporting high-growth start-ups founded and led by women. Sharon is renowned worldwide for her expert insights on the significance of women leadership in driving innovation and success in entrepreneurial ventures.

Starting her career in politics, Sharon’s passion for women’s economic participation led her to Astia, where she has transformed the organization into a global community of over 5,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Join us as Sharon discusses the underinvestment in women-led companies by venture capital firms and shares compelling statistics that highlight the missed potential.

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**Key Points:**

– Sharon Vosmek’s journey from political sector to becoming the CEO of Astia, a key player in supporting women-led start-ups.

– Insights into the underinvestment in women-led companies by venture capital firms and the impact on innovation and economic growth.

– Discussion on the shortcomings of the typical VC investment approach and the prevalence of race and gender bias in the investment community.

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Watch the full interview with Sharon Vosmek:

Sharon Vosmek is the CEO of Astia & Managing Partner of the Astia Fund ($100 million) and a founding member of Astia Angels. Astia is the pre-eminent organization working to ensure the success of high-growth start-ups founded and led by women. Sharon is well-known around the globe for her opinions, research, and commentary on the importance of women leadership being integral to innovation and high-performing entrepreneurial companies.

Her work began in the political sector, where she worked for US Senator Dennis DeConcini. She became very interested in global economics and women’s economic participation, in particular, the policies and roadmaps that were available to ensure that women successfully participated in the economy. A chance meeting with the founder of Astia, Catherine Muther, at a dinner party paved the way for things to come and Sharon was appointed CEO of Astia in 2007. Under her leadership, Astia has grown from 20 individuals in Silicon Valley to a global community of more than 5,000 investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders that make up its investment ecosystem today.

In this episode, Sharon goes in depth to describe the extent of the under-investment in women-led companies venture capital firms and cites a number of studies and some very interesting statistics on how much money seems to be left on the table by doing so. We discuss at length what she considers to be the shortcomings of the typical VC investment approach as well as race and gender bias in the VC investment community.

Show notes:

About the SRI 360° Podcast: The SRI 360° Podcast is focused exclusively on sustainable & responsible investing. In each episode, Scott Arnell interviews a world-class investor who is an accomplished practitioner from all asset classes. In my interviews, I cover everything from their early personal journeys—and what motivated and attracted them to commit their life energy to SRI—to insights on how they developed and executed their investment strategies and what challenges they face today. Each episode is a chance to go way below the surface with these impressive people and gain additional insights and useful lessons from professional investors.

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