Avoid Don Julio 1942 and Try These Tequila Brands Instead!

# Don Julio 1942 Tequila: Is it really worth the hype?

Don Julio 1942 has been dominating the tequila market with its premium branding and celebrity endorsements. However, is it truly the best tequila brand out there? In this video, we uncover the truth about Don Julio 1942 and why you should consider other options.

As the tequila industry continues to grow, so does the demand for high-quality, additive-free tequilas. Brands like 1942 and Clase Azul have set the standard for “Ultra Premium” tequilas, but are they really the top choices for tequila connoisseurs?

In this video, we introduce you to three family-owned tequila brands that are taking the industry by storm. Fortaleza Tequila, with its rich tradition dating back over 125 years, offers a true taste of authenticity. Siete Leguas, the original creators of Patron, brings a legacy of quality and craftsmanship to the table. And Cazcanes, a newcomer to the industry, is already making a name for itself with its commitment to small-batch production and natural flavors.

These three brands offer a unique, additive-free experience that is well worth your investment. Say goodbye to overpriced tequilas and discover the true gems of the tequila world in 2022.

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  1. I've bought myself Arette Reposado today. I got into Tequila with Tiscaz Blanco but with your suggestion in multiple videos I found it in my country of Slovenia. Tho it was around 40€ but I'll say it was well worth it. It's definitely both as a relaxing drink and a celebration/party drink. The taste is just wow… The barrel notes make that agave flavour so complete. For its affordable price it's Hella premium

  2. I do love the 1942. But, it's a special occasion bottle due to its price point. I LOVE Socorro!! It's the tequila that makes folks who think they don't like tequila like tequila! I'm finding the anajo for around $40 in the Austin area. It drinks like a $150 bottle.

  3. It is insane. Back when I was a teenager (some 40 years ago), tequila was served at poor people's parties here in Jalisco.
    I landed here because of the deforestation our state is going thru due to the hundreds of thousands of acres that are now covered with agave, a cactus, which takes over five years to mature. There's a saying here: We're now going to give tequila to our babies instead of milk .

  4. The problem with tequila is that many people don't like the burn or the sometimes harsh taste. When it has almost no taste (not over powering), and almost no burn. People will drink more of it. The good tequilas that have real flavor are regulated to margaritas. Clase Azul is awesome for that reason. And it's more on the sweet side. So even more inviting to those that want to drink it straight up or with a lime. Its overly expensive but, it fits the times and the folks that want to drink "that". To each is own.

  5. I have a 1942 bottle from 2002. It is in a blue coffin box with a similar blue label. The box also says 60 Aniversario. It is still unopened, so I guess I have the option to drink it or maybe even to sell it. Which way would you go? Thanks for your time. I follow you on Instagram and YouTube, so thanks for all of your insight.

  6. $170 for a 1942 !!! it is because the hype, few years ago you could find it for $100 or less. Fortaleza is not easy to find other than online, last time I bought one it went bad after couple of weeks of being open, never again. Same with cazcanes. You should recommend good tequilas that can be easily found at a liquor store: Tequila Ocho, Herradura, etc.

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