Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost Explores the Journey from Cloud to AI: Insights from CNBC Working Lunch

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In this episode of Working Lunch, host Jon Fortt sits down with Andrew Anagnost, the risk-taking CEO of Autodesk, a leading provider of engineering software for design and digital blueprints. Despite a slowing economy and scarce capital, Anagnost discusses the ongoing tech shift in how businesses approach and complete major projects.

Autodesk’s software solutions enable businesses to gain efficiency and streamline their operations. With a background in working on projects for industry giants like Lockheed Martin and NASA, Anagnost understands the importance of digital tools in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

But, Anagnost’s journey to success wasn’t always smooth sailing. As a troubled teen with a reckless streak, it took a near-tragic high-speed car chase to serve as a wake-up call. Reflecting on the pivotal moment that turned his life around, Anagnost emphasizes the impact of influential teachers who offered guidance when he needed it most.

Having earned degrees from Cal State Northridge and Stanford, Andrew Anagnost now faces a new challenge – adapting Autodesk’s successful cloud technology for artificial intelligence and deeper collaboration throughout the supply chain. He predicts that the future of design will be hyper-connected, with AI arbitrating decisions between designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals to revolutionize the industry.

While Autodesk’s stock may have experienced a slight drop due to its transition to subscription billing, Anagnost remains confident in the demand for their innovative solutions. Drawing a parallel to Adobe’s successful shift in business model, Anagnost shares his incredible life story as a testament to the profound impact teachers can have on someone’s life trajectory.

In this thought-provoking interview, Anagnost delves into the potential of AI in the design and manufacturing space. Although he doesn’t foresee a world where massive computers replace human creativity entirely, he highlights the incredible applications of AI in projects like the renovation of Notre Dame. Utilizing Autodesk software, teams were able to develop a digital twin of the iconic structure, enabling them to accurately restore it to its former glory.

So, join us in this insightful conversation as we explore the disruptive power of technology, the boundless possibilities of AI, and the incredible impact that educators can have on shaping the future of individuals like Andrew Anagnost.

Check out the full video transcript [here](link).


The economy is slowing and capital is more scarce, but a tech shift continues in the way businesses design and complete major projects. In the latest Working Lunch on CNBC’s Power Lunch, Jon Fortt brings us up close with Autodesk’s Andrew Anagnost, a risk-taking CEO whose software makes digital blueprints.

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