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**Title:** Understanding Life Cycle Analysis for VCs and Startups: ESG_VC Webinar


Welcome to the latest ESG_VC webinar hosted by Astanor Ventures. In this session, our expert team delves into the world of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and its significance for VCs and their portfolio companies. If you’re an investor, join us to gain valuable insights on establishing effective impact measurement criteria and building a transparent impact measurement process with your portfolio companies. Startups can also benefit from this session by understanding why and how to conduct a Life Cycle Analysis, learning from industry experts, and hearing feedback from a successful agrifood startup that recently completed its LCA.

**Keywords/Tags:** ESG_VC, Life Cycle Analysis, VCs, portfolio companies, impact measurement, transparent process, startups, agrifood, environmental impact, sustainable solutions


1. Leslie Kapan – Director of Impact and Sustainability at Astanor Ventures
2. Isabel de Maron – Senior Sustainability Consultant at Qantis
3. Kendra Quinn – Impact Lead at Not Play

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#### **Why is Life Cycle Analysis Essential for Investors and Startups?**

As an impact VC fund dedicated to the agri-food sector, Astanor Ventures understands the importance of measuring and tracking impact creation. In this webinar, we focus on how conducting a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) can provide science-based data to assess the environmental impact of portfolio companies’ solutions. LCA allows us to quantify and forecast the real impact of solutions such as plant-based alternatives or sustainable packaging on the planet and the people. Join us to explore the value of LCA for investors and startups!

#### **Understanding Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) vs. Company Carbon Footprint**

There can often be confusion between Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and a company’s carbon footprint. Let’s clarify the difference:

– **Company Carbon Footprint:** This represents the summary of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by an organization. It follows the three scopes outlined in the greenhouse gas protocol: direct emissions (Scope 1), indirect emissions from purchased electricity (Scope 2), and other emissions (Scope 3). It provides an overview of the organization’s environmental impact as a whole.

– **Life Cycle Analysis (LCA):** LCA focuses on the specific environmental performance of a product or service throughout its entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the product’s impact on various aspects like greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and biodiversity. LCA offers insights beyond carbon emissions, allowing for a more holistic assessment of environmental sustainability.

Join us in this ESG_VC webinar to gain insider knowledge on Life Cycle Analysis and its relevance for VCs and startups. Discover how LCA can enhance transparency, help set impact measurement criteria, and pave the way for a sustainable future.

*Webinar duration: Approximately 40 minutes*


– **Leslie Kapan** – Director of Impact and Sustainability at Astanor Ventures
– **Isabel de Maron** – Senior Sustainability Consultant at Qantis
– **Kendra Quinn** – Impact Lead at Not Play

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– [Astanor Ventures](
– [Qantis – Sustainability Consulting](
– [Not Play – Sustainable Alternatives](

*This webinar is part of the ESG_VC initiative, supported by Astanor Ventures, Atomico, Behringer, Lexstar, Pi Equity, Sid Camp Tallis, and BVCA. For more information, visit [ESG_VC](authoritylink1) and [ESG Framework](authoritylink2).*

In our latest ESG_VC webinar, the expert team at Astanor Ventures look at Life Cycle Analysis: what is it, and what can it offer VCs and their portfolio companies?

For investors, this session provides detailed insights into how you can work with portfolio companies to successfully establish the best impact measurement criteria, and how you can build a foundation for a transparent and effective impact measurement process.

For startups, this session will give you insights into how and why to complete a Life Cycle Analysis, learn from industry experts on the keys to completing a successful LCA and hear firsthand feedback from an agrifood start-up that has recently completed its LCA.

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