Astanor Ventures and Calyxia join forces with Thomas Hugues on B Smart ECOSYSTEME

# [Title of the YouTube Video]

#### [Timestamps/Sections]
[0:00] Introduction and guest introductions
[0:45] Overview of Calypsia and its goals
[2:10] How projects are selected for investment
[3:40] Importance of measuring and quantifying positive impact
[4:55] Acceleration of investment in the agri-food sector
[6:15] Introduction of Emmanuel Faber as a new associate
[7:20] Presentation of Calypsia and its mission
[9:05] Development and potential of Calypsia
[10:30] Collaboration and partnerships in the development process
[12:20] The recent impact report on positive impact
[13:45] Conclusion and thanks to guests

## Description:

In this **[Ecosystem]** video, we have invited **Laetitia de Panafieu**, the Director of Investment at Ashton Kutcher, and **Damien de Moulins**, the Director of Research and Innovation at Calypsia, to discuss their mission of combating climate change and structural challenges in the agri-food industry.

[Laetitia] shares how they select projects based on their positive impact on the environment and society, particularly in the agri-food sector, which is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. They aim to support projects that have measurable positive impacts, such as carbon sequestration in soils and promoting human health and food sustainability.

**Damien** explains how Calypsia, a specialized investment fund, focuses on investing in agri-food and ocean-related projects. They have leveraged over $32 billion since the beginning of 2021 and are rapidly accelerating their investments in response to the urgent global need for sustainable solutions in the agri-food sector.

They also discuss their partnership with **Emmanuel Faber**, the former CEO of Danone, and the significance of his involvement in advancing their goals of achieving social and environmental sustainability.

During the conversation, **Damien** provides insights into Calypsia’s innovative project, Calypsia, which combats microplastic accumulation in oceans and the food chain. Through microencapsulation technology, they aim to develop highly performant and biodegradable microcapsules to minimize the environmental impact of agricultural practices.

The video concludes with **Laetitia** discussing the recent impact report, which highlights the measurable positive outcomes they have achieved. By creating a public pact, they aim to encourage transparency and annually update their progress towards a sustainable future.

Join us in this insightful conversation and learn how Calypsia and their partners are making a difference in the agri-food industry.

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