April 2023: Justin Floor Appointed as Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management

**Title: How PSG Asset Management Constructs Investment Portfolios | Featuring Justin Floor**

Welcome to PSG Asset Management with me, Joanne Baynham, an independent moderator. Today, I’m joined by Justin Floor, Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management. In this video, we will delve into how we analyze markets and construct our investment portfolios.

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## Introduction

In this insightful discussion, Justin Floor, Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management, provides unique perspectives on sustainable investment returns and the strategies that differentiate PSG Asset Management from other market players. Throughout the conversation, Justin shares his thoughts on exploiting investment opportunities, managing short-term volatility, and navigating evolving market conditions.

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## Sustainable Returns: Strategies that Set Us Apart

A key question that arises when assessing investment performance is sustainability. Justin addresses this question head-on, highlighting the importance of exploring investment opportunities beyond the winners of industry awards. At PSG Asset Management, the team actively seeks out investments in areas that are currently out of favor but have promising long-term growth potential[^1^].

## Changing Market Dynamics: Adjusting to the New Decade

Justin emphasizes the significant changes taking place in the market landscape, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This paradigm shift has highlighted the need for critical investments in essential sectors such as infrastructure, commodities, and mining[^2^]. PSG Asset Management identifies this underinvestment as a powerful long-term theme with multi-year, if not multi-decade, potential[^3^].

## Navigating Short-Term Volatility: Blending Macro Awareness and Portfolio Construction

Striking a balance between long-term investment strategies and short-term volatility can be challenging. Justin explains that PSG Asset Management constructs portfolios that are intentionally different from the mainstream, leading to occasional divergences in performance[^4^]. To navigate this volatility, the team focuses on macro awareness, effectively understanding the environment’s shifts and capitalizing on valuation disparities[^5^].

## Creating Portfolio Resilience: Embracing Humility and Diversification

PSG Asset Management values humility as a key aspect of successful investment management. Recognizing that short-term market sentiment can deviate from a long-term perspective, the team constructs portfolios with diverse drivers and offsets. This strategic approach ensures resilience and acts as a cushion during periods of higher volatility[^6^].

## Exploring Derivative Exposures: Smoothing the Journey

To further manage risk and volatility, PSG Asset Management employs derivative exposures, such as put and call options, tailored to their clients’ needs. While the specific details are complex, these options play a role in reducing short-term fluctuations in the portfolio[^7^].

## Conclusion

Discover PSG Asset Management’s unique investment approach and learn how they analyze markets and construct portfolios for sustained success. Watch the full video discussion with Justin Floor and Joanne Baynham here: [Title of Video](

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In this video, Head of Equities at PSG Asset Management, Justin Floor, talks to independent moderator Joanne Baynham about how we look at markets and how our portfolios are constructed.

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