Lessons from the Ukraine War: Emphasizing the Importance of Self-Reliance – CDS Anil Chauhan

**Chief of the Defence Staff of India, General Anil Chauhan**, discusses the **biggest lesson** India learned from the **Russia-Ukraine crisis** at the panel discussion during Raisina Dialogue 2023 on March 03. In this insightful video, General Chauhan highlights the crucial need for **self-reliance** in India’s defense strategy. Emphasizing the importance of taking initiatives, he mentions that India has taken some significant steps towards achieving self-reliance in the past few years. The driving force for the success of these initiatives will be the Indian Armed Forces themselves.

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*This video discusses the biggest lesson India learned from the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the need for self-reliance in defense. General Anil Chauhan highlights the initiatives taken by the Indian government and emphasizes the role of the Indian Armed Forces in achieving self-reliance. Subscribe now to ANI News YouTube channel for more updates and stay connected with us through our official website, Twitter, and Facebook.*

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Chief of the Defence Staff of India, General Anil Chauhan, while speaking at a panel discussion at Raisina Dialogue 2023 on March 03, said that the biggest lesson India learnt from the Russia-Ukraine crisis is the need to be self-reliant. “The biggest lesson from this conflict is that we need to be self-reliant. We’ve just taken some baby steps actually, for past 2-3 yrs. A large number of initiatives taken by government and I think for these initiatives to succeed, the driving force would be the Services themselves.”

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  1. Sir somebody really has to impress upon our policy makers that as the most important prerequisite for atmanirbharta, that is self-reliance, is to first get rid of the atmaghaathi reservation system so cruelly foisted on us by institutions & leaders who were utterly corrupt and have sold their souls out to foreign powers with nefarious designs. For a period of several decades , India was carefully deprived of it's intelligentsia by their near complete isolation & deprivation in sarkari jobs. Educational institutions and public sector enterprises have been made a no go for them and they are as all of us know defacto refugees running by the droves to foreign countries. Our adversaries with nefarious designs would be laughing all the way as this "physiological" acute insufficiency of our local meritorious talent very capable to work wonders in our educational institutions and later in our public sector too,- is very skillfully removed by deshbahishkaran, by the well planned efforts of foreign powers in their Indian elite cooptation and corruption over many decades (until 2014) within the various strata of not just the legislative but also the other pillars of the Union. From the adverasries' strategic perspective…has this process not been a lot more harming to our Bharateeya interests compared to say the adversarie's single attack on an institution to take out intelligentsia???… clearly this kind of long war of attrition imposed on Bharat by their very clever 'non-hardkinetic' warfare methods as the above kind of lawfare, elite cooptation, corruption etc has wreaked a lot more havoc on Bharat and caused a lot more harm to our interests than whatever hard kinetic means the adversary could ever achieve in the past or present. Is the strategic leadership of our country including yourself, at least cognizant of these threats???, if yes please enlighten us in your next interview as to how you propose to address this gigantic challenge 🙏🙏 just saying that start ups and entrepreneurship of young meritorious talent will do atmanirbharata…I am afraid this is hypocrisy… nothing of this sort will help especially in the defense sector where secrets need close guarding for example hence large scale public sector recruiting through regular jobs of our meritorious talent is a must and can have no substitute, as much as large scale enrollment of our meritorious students in schools and colleges without snuffing them out through our most cruel States/Centre/Judiciary imposed caste based reservations system that has been proving so very very atmaghaathi to our interests and is simply making an utter mockery and hypocrisy of the often parroted word Aatmanirbharatha!!!!

  2. So in order to understand this our army need to have a war in another country?? Isn't this common sense.

    India should have monarch democracy and only than we can long term decision.

    As china kept manufacturing different things, people were laughing on them but now they have mastered most of it.

  3. In my humble opinion IAF should focus on Tejas MK2 and AMCA while Indian Navy should focus on TEDBF rather than hoping some foreign country will give them F-35 or Rafale Gen 5 with no strings attached!
    If we are so keen on getting foreign fighter jet technology then investing in multiple jet engine programs of different class are much more fruitful in long run!!
    frankly no expert … on fighter jets…and respect decisions of tri-services!

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