Anita from Lighthouse Venture Interviews Cathal, CEO of SnapEX

Join SnapEx CEO Cathal as he chats with Anita from Lighthouse Venture in Son La City, Vietnam. In this video, they discuss their visit to Sunlight City and their experience trying the traditional Vietnamese beverage, apple cat. Anita introduces herself as the co-founder of Lighthouse Venture, a company that has been working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field for over three years. They also highlight their focus on investing in both blockchain and traditional projects, such as a soccer academy and a local vegetable company.

Throughout the video, you can hear the background sounds of karaoke and KTV, which adds to the cultural experience. Anita shares insights into the Vietnam market and emphasizes the importance of diversifying investments and leveraging connections with influencers to boost product sales. They then discuss common mistakes foreign firms make when approaching the Vietnam market and provide recommendations for improvement.

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SnapEx CEO Cathal chat with Anita from Lighthouse Venture in Son La City, Veitnam.
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