AMA Venture Capital, Co-founding Team with Augustin Sayer as Principal VC at Newfund

**Title: Identifying High-Potential Co-Founders in Venture Capital – AMAVC Episode 1**

In this captivating episode of our limited series, *AMAVC*, we delve into the crucial aspect of the founding team. Join us as we host Augustin Sayer, Principal at Newfund, who brings his no-nonsense expertise to discuss the characteristics and evaluation criteria for identifying high-potential co-founders in the venture capital (#VC) and seed stage investment space.

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During this immersive live conversation, our panelists, Charlotte Ortin, Antoine Tillette de Mautort, and Florian Cailles, three aspiring VCs meticulously chosen, engage with Augustin Sayer to explore various topics, including:

1. Overcoming information asymmetry between VCs and co-founders.
2. The importance of complementarity among co-founders, equity distribution, and managing change.
3. Effective communication within founding teams.
4. Unraveling equity story and cap tables.
5. Evaluating the significance of “love money” as an indicator.
6. The viability of solo founders.
7. Assessing commitment and time dedication to the project.
8. Repeat or first-time founders?
9. Founder/market fit: a critical factor for success.

Tune in to this thought-provoking podcast episode to gain valuable insights into the world of startup investments, venture capital, and the crucial role of a strong founding team.

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Comment en venture capital et d’autant plus en #seed peut-on identifier des co-founders à haut potentiel? Quels sont les critères pour examiner une founding team lors d’une opportunité d’investissement dans une startup ?


Dans ce tout premier épisode de notre série limitée #AMAVC sur le sujet de l’Équipe Fondatrice, nous avons reçu Augustin Sayer, Principal chez Newfund qui a répondu de manière no BS et en live à Charlotte Ortin, Antoine Tillette de Mautort et Florian Cailles, 3 aspirants VC sélectionnés pour échanger de manière immersive sur des topics comme:

⭐L’asymétrie d’information entre le VC et les co-founders
⭐La complémentarité entre les co-founders, la répartition des titres CxO et la gestion du changement entre les co-founders
⭐La communication entre les founders
⭐L’equity story et la captable
⭐Le love money: un bon indicateur ?
⭐Solo founder yes/no
⭐Le temps passé et le commitment dans le projet
⭐Repeat ou first-time founders?
⭐Le Founder/Market Fit

Bonne écoute!

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