Agadir Hackathon: Promoting Creativity and Innovation with ADD and Huawei

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For the past 20 years, our mission has been to develop the digital economy and contribute to the wealth of each country’s economy. Today, in Morocco, our mission is to provide digital services to all citizens, both public and private, in order to build a connected and intelligent world. I am honored to be here, alongside the DD, for this field visit in the Agadir region of Sousse Massa.

This visit is part of our ongoing efforts as Huawei to provide digital services to empower citizens and create a better connected and intelligent world. Today, we are contributing to the development of Moroccan talents by providing training opportunities and certifications, which act as a passport to employment.

To further support these talents, we have also introduced the Spark program to help startups thrive. Huawei has been actively involved in supporting startups, and I have personally met with numerous startups in Technoparc, Agadir, to share insights and guidance for success. Just two weeks ago, I was collaborating with INSA Agadir, and now we are here to support the DD in their efforts to foster the growth of startups in the local region.

We are excited to co-organize the SMIC (Susmesser Innovation Challenge) in collaboration with CI sous semesta, the prefecture of the Sousse region, and the Regional Council. This initiative is part of our commitment to supporting startups, entrepreneurs, and students in the Sousse region, by boosting their projects and promoting innovation. Together, let’s bring ideas to life and contribute to the added value and innovation in the region.

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#maroc #maroc28 #سوس_ماسة #وكالة_التنمية_الرقمية #huawei

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