FRCW22 Accelerator Batch Showcased at Fil Rouge Capital Demo Day

# Fil Rouge Capital Demo Day Accelerator Batch FRCW22

Welcome to the Fil Rouge Capital Demo Day! In this video, we will be showcasing the innovative startups from our accelerator batch FRCW22. Our featured startups include:
– [Ai Lend]( A buy now pay later platform that simplifies the loan process and allows users to buy products in just three minutes.
– [Biotech Materials]( A sustainable fashion brand that disrupts the leather industry with their innovative plant-based leather made from dehydrated grain waste.
– [Cluster]( A cloud gaming service that connects gamers to nearby gaming PCs, providing a better gaming experience and reducing server costs.

## Ai Lend: Simplifying the Loan Process

Are you tired of the complicated and time-consuming loan process? Ai Lend is here to help! With our platform, you can buy products with loans in just three minutes. No more paperwork or stress. Imagine being able to shop online or in physical stores and pay with just one click. And the best part? We share our revenue with our customers, offering cash back and incentives for good payment behavior. Join us on this journey to revolutionize the way people buy with loans.

## Biotech Materials: Sustainable Fashion with Beer Leather

The fashion industry is notorious for its negative impact on the environment. That’s why Biotech Materials is on a mission to disrupt the leather market with their sustainable and durable alternative – beer leather. Made from dehydrated grain waste, beer leather has a carbon impact 40 times lower than traditional leather and is two times more sustainable than synthetic leather. With their innovative solution, Biotech Materials aims to make a significant impact on the fashion industry and beyond.

## Cluster: Bringing Gaming PCs to Your Home Remotely

If your PC isn’t powerful enough to run the latest games, you’re not alone. That’s where Cluster comes in. We offer a unique cloud gaming service that connects gamers to nearby gaming PCs, allowing them to enjoy a better gaming experience without the need for expensive servers. With our out-of-the-box solution, gamers can easily find a PC provider, test the connection, and play their favorite games. Join us on this gaming revolution and get ready to elevate your gaming experience.

Don’t miss out on these exciting startups! Watch the video now to learn more about Ai Lend, Biotech Materials, and Cluster as they pitch their innovative ideas at the Fil Rouge Capital Demo Day.


– [Ai Lend Website](
– [Biotech Materials Website](
– [Cluster Website](*

Fil Rouge Capital Demo Day Accelerator Batch FRCW22

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