Advice from a Venture Capital Professional on Pursuing an MBA

[![Speaking is Michael Safdie, Associate at Sweetwood Ventures](](

### **Why Pursue a Post-Graduate Degree (MBA) in Banking and Finance? | Michael Safdie, Associate at Sweetwood Ventures**

In this insightful video, Michael Safdie, an Associate at Sweetwood Ventures, shares his expertise and experiences in the world of venture capital, banking, and finance. With a strong background in venture capital in Israel, Edmond de Rothschild P/E analysis, and private banking, Michael provides valuable insights on the significance of pursuing a post-graduate degree, specifically an MBA, in the banking and finance industry.

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**Video Transcript Highlights:**

– Networking plays a crucial role during the pursuit of a post-graduate degree, particularly an MBA.
– Pursuing an MBA allows individuals to explore new industries, making it ideal for those seeking a career change.
– If you want to transition from public markets to private markets within the finance industry, a post-graduate degree can provide the necessary skills and knowledge.
– The power of networking is amplified when enrolling in an MBA program, as it provides a platform to connect with potential employers who view you as a less desperate job seeker.
– Choosing an MBA program located in a country you aspire to work in can be advantageous.

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Speaking is Michael Safdie, Associate a Sweetwood Ventures

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Michael’s Background-
– Venture Capital Israel
– Edmond de Rothschild P/E analyst
– Private Banking experience

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