10 Things I Wish I Had Known a Decade Ago

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**Peter Cowley: What I Wish I’d Known a Decade Ago! – Angel Investing Tips**

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**Peter Cowley**, Chair of **Cambridge Angels** and **Best Angel Investor in the World 2017**, shares his invaluable insights and experiences in the world of **Angel Investing**. With over 60 personal investments to date, his talk is filled with practical advice and core investment criteria that he has developed over 8 to 10 years of investor experience.

In this video, Peter discusses his investment philosophy and provides key tips for successful angel investing. He emphasizes the importance of investing in companies that are within a reasonable distance from your home, never more than an hour’s public transport journey away. Peter also shares his views on the ideal team size and the potential pitfalls of investing in companies with too many founders.

If you’re interested in angel investing or looking to enhance your investment strategy, this talk by Peter Cowley is a must-watch. Learn from the best and gain valuable insights into the world of angel investing.

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[Peter Cowley: What I Wish I’d Known a Decade Ago!]

Welcome, everyone! I have about 20 minutes to share why I’m on this stage and how I can help you. I’ll be quite direct and pragmatic, drawing from my vast experience.

A bit about me – I’m Peter Cowley, the “Best Angel Investor in the World 2017.” Here’s a photo of me receiving the award. I’ve fully embraced Angel Investment, with over 60 personal investments. But let’s go back in time. My first business venture was a traveling disco in 1975. Since then, I’ve started around 10 businesses, mostly B2B. I’ve also delved into property development and other ventures.

I’ve had the privilege of serving various roles in charities and social enterprises, reducing dependency on grants and promoting sustainable models. I’m involved with UK Business Angels, the Angel Co-Fund, and the Federation of Small Businesses. I’ve also worked with a corporate angel VC funded by a family company called Marshall.

Most of my angel investing knowledge comes from my involvement with Cambridge Angels, where I’ve learned a great deal over the past eight to nine years. I’m quite open about my investments, and you can find my extensive portfolio and criteria on my website.

Let’s dive into my core investment criteria, which I’ve developed over the years based on my experiences and interactions with fellow angels. First, I never invest in companies that are more than an hour’s public transport journey from my home. It’s a practical measure that allows for better oversight and support.

Team size is another crucial factor. From my observation, three is the ideal number for a founding team. Two can also work well, but one is too few for effective collaboration. On the other hand, four tends to become three over time, and larger teams often aim for bigger valuations and funding requirements.

These are just a few highlights from my investment philosophy. For a comprehensive overview of my criteria and insights, refer to my website.

If you’re interested in angel investing or seeking valuable tips from an experienced investor, this talk by Peter Cowley is a must-watch.

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Peter Cowley, Chair of Cambridge Angels, former UK Angel of the Year and recently acknowledged as ‘Best Angel Investor in the World 2017’ grabbed the attention of the audience with his talk entitled, ‘What I wished I’d known a decade ago!’

Peter is a man who has fully embraced Angel Investment with 60 personal investments to date. He talked about his core investment criteria which has been built up over his 8 – 10 years of investor experience. He advised how he never invests in companies more than an hour’s public transport journey from home. Best team size to invest in? “3 is great, 2 is good, 1 is no good but 4 is too many. Any more than that and there’s a much bigger pie that the entrepreneurs want money out of.

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