Xavier Niel: His Life and Business Vision

# Xavier Niel Shares His Vision of Entrepreneurship in France

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur in France? In this video, Xavier Niel, founder of Iliad, shares his vision of entrepreneurship in France and talks about his own early days as an entrepreneur.

**Why France?**

According to Niel, France is attractive to entrepreneurs because of its favorable environment for tech startups. In fact, he believes that it is currently the most attractive country for startups in the world!

**Advantages of Starting a Business in France**

One of the biggest advantages of starting a business in France is the tax benefits. As a founder, you will pay less taxes than you would in the United States. The tax rate for capital gains on startup investments is 23% in France and much higher in the US. Additionally, France has very low succession taxes for businesses, making it an ideal place to leave a legacy.

But tax benefits are just one part of the picture. France also has many resources available to entrepreneurs, including start-up assistance programs and the French Tech Visa, which allows non-European entrepreneurs to quickly obtain a visa to work in a start-up.

If you’re currently unemployed, the French government will also pay you to start your own business!

**Overcoming the Fear of Failure**

One of the biggest obstacles to starting a business is the fear of failure. But as Niel points out, failure is just part of the process. He himself has had multiple failed startups, but he never gave up!

One of the keys to his success is finding talented people who are capable of thinking outside of the box. Instead of just looking at someone’s resume, he tries to find those who are resourceful and quick-thinking.

If you’re thinking of starting a business in France, this video is a must-watch. Follow Xavier Niel’s advice to become a successful entrepreneur!

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Xavier Niel donne sa vision de l’entrepreunariat en France. Il raconte également ses débuts d’entrepreneur.

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