Xange Presents the Lyric Video for “Moonlight”

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Produced, composed, written & performed by Xange
Album coming soon… 2023
All Xange links:, a set of keywords/tags associated with the video: [vid_tags], and a full transcript of the video itself: Foreign Foreign No matter how dark you survived It is And I don’t wanna say goodbye So please just stay with me Thank you light up in the night you no matter how dark is Thank you Foreign .

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Welcome to Xange’s official YouTube channel! Join us as we present a captivating musical journey with “Foreign” – a soul-stirring composition that takes you through the depths of darkness and resilience.

In this mesmerizing performance, Xange showcases their artistry as the producer, composer, and writer of this powerful piece. With their flawless execution, Xange invites you to experience the magic of their upcoming album, set to release in 2023.

**Key Features of the Video:**

– Explore the emotional landscape of “Foreign”
– Witness Xange’s masterful performance
– Feel the captivating blend of darkness and survival

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in Xange’s world of music. Press play, let the mesmerizing melodies of “Foreign” envelop you, and let the light guide you through the darkness.

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Produced, composed, written & performed by Xange
Album coming soon… 2023
All Xange links:

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