Wolters Kluwer Collaborates with BNP Paribas Markets for AI-Driven Markets Update on June 8, 2023

# Markets Update BNP Paribas: Daily Financial Market Review

Welcome to the *Markets Update* video by BNP Paribas Markets. In this daily video series, Bart Peters from Trading Support brings you the latest developments in the financial markets. Get briefed on the previous day’s market movements and get ahead with insights on today’s market.

Stay informed about the impact of the Chinese economy on the global markets, as concerns rise over the recent growth data. Discover how China’s growth plays a significant role in the economies of both the United States and Europe.

Meanwhile, the trade deficit in the United States continues to grow, and the unexpected interest rate hike by the Australian Central Bank adds to the uncertainty. These factors increase the possibility of a rate adjustment by the US Federal Reserve next week.

Additionally, we explore the influence of declining oil reserves on the oil price and its effect on the market. With the growing trend of remote work, even Google now includes office attendance in performance evaluations. The Japanese economy showcases a stronger quarterly growth rate of 0.7%, surpassing the initial estimate of 0.4%.

While the Chinese market sees marginal gains, the Amsterdam market opens slightly lower to moderate stability. In corporate news, EA, the parent company of chat gpt, confirms no plans for an IPO, while Investic Corporation engages in an exciting takeover of a US company specialized in drug detection using artificial intelligence.

Today’s agenda highlights the economic growth in the Eurozone and the crucial jobless claims data from the United States. Expert opinions from analysts at JP Morgan cover the stock recommendations for Ahold Delhaize, Koersel, Bernsteens, Golden Set, Processor, Kooistol, and Unilever.

Stay up to date with the latest financial market insights, trends, and predictions in this *Markets Update* from BNP Paribas.

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Voorbeurs wordt u in de ‘Markets Update’ video van BNP Paribas Markets dagelijks bijgepraat door Bart Peters van Trading Support over de ontwikkelingen op de financiële markten. Er wordt kort teruggeblikt op de ontwikkelingen van de dag ervoor en er wordt vooruitgeblikt op de markt van vandaag.
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