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Introducing The Tiny Corp: A Computer Company with A Mission

What is The Tiny Corp?

The Tiny Corp is a computer company that sells computers for more than they cost to make. Its goal is to commoditize the petaflop and make high-performance computing accessible to everyone.

Starting With Tinygrad

Tinygrad is a simple framework with a PyTorch-like front-end that takes users all the way to the hardware. It enables users to bypass the Turing completeness of traditional computing, making it a serious competitor to PyTorch in many places.

The Advantages of Tinygrad

One of the main advantages of tinygrad is its lazy nature, which allows fusing operations without making the user think about it. It also has 12 operations, all of which are ADD/MUL only, which makes matrix multiplies and convolutions easy, and surrounded by a bunch of zero-cost movement operations.

Why AI Chip Companies Failed

Many AI chip companies failed because while some managed to tape out chips, none wrote decent software to maximize their potential. In contrast, tinygrad is a simple framework that takes users to the hardware level without encountering Turing completeness.

AMD and MLPerf

AMD has never joined MLPerf because of its software limitations. However, The Tiny Corp’s short-term goal is to get AMD on MLPerf using the tinygrad framework, with the aim of dethroning NVIDIA and competing to drive the price of compute to zero.

Making the Software and Hardware Work Together

The Tiny Corp aims to create a framework, runtime, and driver for AMD chips and sell computers to companies that need them for training and inference. Unlike other AI chip startups, they focus on the software side of things, which they believe is the hard part.

Join The Tiny Team

The Tiny Corp is hiring software engineers to work on tinygrad in San Diego. They are looking for people who want to work hard and make a significant impact. Help create an open-source framework that will play a role in the joint destiny of humanity and machines.

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