What Key Performance Indicators does Domini have?

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Discover how Domini, a women-led and impact-leading mutual fund firm, utilizes key performance indicators (KPIs) to conduct in-depth research on companies. Join Lionella Pezza, our Director of Research, as she delves into the essential quantitative and qualitative data points that guide our comprehensive research process.

At Domini, we believe in harnessing the power of finance to create a better world. That’s why we carefully analyze companies across various industries to ensure they align with our values and meet our standards. For instance, when evaluating a bank, we focus on whether it provides affordable housing and avoids engaging in predatory lending practices. On the other hand, when assessing a retailing company, we prioritize sustainable supply chain management, including measures to prevent child labor, forced labor, and ensure safety standards are adhered to.

Our unique approach involves tailoring the selection of KPIs for each industry, allowing us to capture the most relevant data points for a comprehensive analysis. Join us as we prioritize impact and strive to make a positive difference through responsible investing.

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Lionella Pezza, our Director of Research, talks about Domini’s key performance indicators for researching companies.


We’re a mutual fund firm that’s women-led and impact-leading. Together, let’s harness the power of finance to help create a better world. To learn more about Domini, visit our channel:

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