What crucial knowledge do you need before entering term sheet negotiations? | Insights from Volta Ventures Founder [Clip 7]

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In this Volta Ventures series, our Managing Partners and founders of portfolio companies discuss crucial areas to consider before starting the fundraising process. Whether you’re a VC focused on securing the best possible deal or a founder with specific requirements and controls, negotiating term sheets can be a tough and even shocking experience. As Sander from Volta Ventures explains, “You’re negotiating the divorce before the marriage even happens.”

Approaching these negotiations with pragmatism and keeping your emotions in check is crucial, especially if your startup is your baby. Don’t be caught off guard if the terms you’re looking for aren’t given outright. Remember, it’s all part of the game.

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*This video is a part of Volta Ventures’ educational series on pitching and fundraising. Join us as we share valuable insights and strategies to empower founders and VCs alike.*

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In this Volta Ventures series, the two Managing Partners and the founders of portfolio companies discuss some critical areas of interest that need to be thought of before the fundraising process is started.

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