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**Title: The Red Zone: Wall Street Ends in Negative Territory as Powell’s Testimony Dominates Sentiment**

Join us on IDX Channel as we analyze the latest developments in the global market. In this episode, we delve into the red-zone closure of Wall Street and the dominant sentiment driven by Chairman of The Fed, Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony. Powell’s cautious signals regarding future interest rate hikes have sparked concerns, impacting the three major indices. Stay informed with the latest market updates and expert analysis.

**Timestamp: 0:00 – 1:45**

In this episode, we discuss the recent negative performance of Wall Street, as it closed in the red zone over the weekend. The market struggled throughout the week due to Chairman Jerome Powell’s cautious testimony before the US Congress. Powell hinted at further interest rate hikes but emphasized a more cautious approach[^1].

The market was largely influenced by profit-taking activities within the technology sector, particularly tech stocks. Nvidia, for instance, experienced a 6.1% decline after Goldman Sachs downgraded it from a “buy” to a neutral rating, citing challenging pricing conditions for electric vehicles with limited catalysts driving the market[^2].

Despite political turmoil in Russia, which grabbed headlines early in the week, market experts like Tom Isei believe that these political disputes are likely to have minimal impact on the market[^3].

Here are the closing numbers for Monday’s trading session on Wall Street:
– Dow Jones Industrial Average: -0.65% to 33,727
– S&P 500: -0.77% to 4,348
– Nasdaq Composite: -1.01% to 13,492[^4]

Join us on IDX Channel for in-depth market analysis and stay tuned for more updates on economic, business, and capital market news.

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Pasar saham Wall Street di Amerika Serikat berakhir di zona merah pada perdagangan akhir pekan ini. Wall Street sepanjang pekan ini tersendat didominasi sentimen testimoni Ketua The Fed, Jerome Powell, di depan Kongres Amerika Serikat. Di mana Powell mengisyaratkan kenaikan suku bunga lebih lanjut, namun melanjutkan dengan cara yang lebih berhati-hati.

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