Volta Ventures VC Series Clip 8: What level of detail is expected in a financial forecast?

**[Video Title]:** Expert Tips for Pitching and Fundraising in the Startup World

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Are you ready to pitch to the Volta team or reach out? Join us in this informative video where the two Managing Partners, along with the founders of our portfolio companies, share valuable insights and strategies on pitching and fundraising in the startup world.

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In this Volta Ventures series, we dive deep into critical areas of interest that need to be considered before starting the fundraising process. Our experienced panel of industry experts discusses key topics such as revenue prognosis, building a strong team, market entry strategies, and more.


**Video Transcript Highlights:**
– Keep your financial projections simple and realistic.
– Building a tech startup takes time; be patient and realistic about the timeline for product development, market penetration, and acquiring customers.
– People are the biggest expense for software businesses in the early years; focus on calculating salaries and overhead costs accurately.
– A well-prepared business plan provides valuable insights into your team’s strategy, future plans, market entry, pricing, and client acquisition strategies.
– Focus on understanding your own business, clients, cost structure, and potential revenue to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your market.
– Specify the source of your projected revenue, such as the type of clients, their contract value, and the cost of acquiring them.

At Volta Ventures, we value strategic thinking and a clear understanding of your business. Our goal is to help you succeed in the competitive startup landscape. Join us in this informative video and learn the crucial elements of a compelling pitch and effective fundraising.

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In this Volta Ventures series, the two Managing Partners and the founders of portfolio companies discuss some critical areas of interest that need to be thought of before the fundraising process is started.

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