Vitória surpreendente! Equipe vence por 4 a 2 no Allianz e hoje é dia de celebração, um pesadelo para os adversários!

# Vlog – Post-Libertadores Victory and Rival Updates!

Hello, Parmera fans! How are you all doing after the holiday and our triumphant victory in the Libertadores? Our rival never seems to stop showing their true colors in the competition.

Join me in this exciting new video as we discuss all the latest updates.

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I wanted to start by addressing something here—I’m leaving a certain group, and if anyone needs to reach me, it’s best to do so privately. This decision doesn’t reflect any lack of respect or friendship, it’s just that the discussions in that group no longer align with my way of life and expressing opinions. So, I wish everyone success and God’s blessings.

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Our rivals, Gambá, are out of the Libertadores—good riddance! Speaking of which, hello to all the dear Palmeiras supporters. This is Daniel from Muzambinho, Minas Gerais. That’s right, Muzambinho—remember that name!

How are you all doing? I hope everything’s going well. Today is a holiday, Corpus Christi, but it could also be “Sad Marmites” day for our rivals. You can choose whichever day you prefer for them. Nonetheless, it’s a great day off.

So, how about that victory for Palmeiras yesterday at Allianz Parque? A fantastic comeback, 4-2 in our favor. Well, technically, it could have been 4-2 in the first half. The press is saying that Palmeiras didn’t play well and missed chances, hitting the post, attempting a fancy goal, and having another goal disallowed. I even sent an audio message to Web Rádio Verdão during halftime, and André Neto agreed with me. Thanks, André!

The second half started with a goal from Gustavo Gómez, the Atomic Mask man. Then we had goals from Queréa, Arthur, and Menino Endrick. It’s now 12 points for Palmeiras, equaling the score with Bolívia. Our next game will be against them in Allianz Parque, with the full lineup on our side. Let’s remember that when we played Bolívia before, we won 3-1 with the reserve team. However, this time it will be at Aliens. Bolívia will likely play defensively, but we have a chance to take the lead and secure one of the best campaign records in this first phase.

Speaking of the “life of others,” can we talk about Del Valle’s performance in Ecuador? What a show they put on! Sorry, rival, but now you’re part of that team. Luxemburgo was their coach and gave me my first joy at Palmeiras—a title. He’ll get three more for the Paulistão, but today he’s our rival. We wish them the worst, but it’s good to look at it this way, isn’t it?

Looking ahead to the weekend, Palmeiras will face Trincas. So, pipoquetes, goodbye to the Libertadores, as it’s not your place. We’ll face Trincas in the “Crazy Cage” and move forward. After that, we have Botafogo at home, and hopefully, that will be an opportunity to take the lead in the Brasileirão.

Wishing you all a great holiday, and greetings to the singing, vibrant Palmeiras supporters. If you enjoyed this video, please show your support by liking it, subscribing to the channel, sharing it with friends, and leaving a comment for us to chat about.

Take care, and I’ll see you all in the next video. Abraços!


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Fala seus Parmera queridos como é que vocês estão? Feriado depois de uma virada pela liberta e classificação garantida. E sobre a vida dos outros o nosso rival mostra mais uma vez o seu tamanho na liberta.

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