Venture Capital Investor Claims Agricultural Food Sector Lags in Technology Adoption

# **Revolutionizing the Agricultural Food Sector: The Next Tech-Enabled Frontier | Squawk Box**

Discover why agricultural food is the last untapped frontier for technological advancements with Eric Archambeau, founder of Astanor Ventures, a leading venture capital firm. In this thought-provoking discussion on Squawk Box, Archambeau sheds light on the urgent need for a transformation in the food and agriculture industry.

For decades, our food system has prioritized cheap calories over essential nutrients, but the tides are shifting. Consumers are now demanding transparency in where their food comes from, how it’s grown, and its nutritional value. However, transforming an industry deeply rooted in traditional practices is no easy feat.

As Archambeau points out, agriculture and food remain the last major industrial sector yet to be fully technology-enabled. The digitization of this sector stands as the next revolutionary wave, spearheaded by visionary entrepreneurs. Join us to explore the cutting-edge solutions and radical innovations set to transform the future of agriculture.

During this engaging discussion, Archambeau emphasizes the pressing challenges faced by farmers in adapting to the changing landscape. With the recent shift towards virtual marketplaces due to social distancing, farmers need to navigate the digital realm to sell their harvest effectively. Yet, securing funding remains a significant obstacle for pioneering ag tech entrepreneurs.

The traditional comoditization of food needs to give way to a new narrative centered around nutrition, provenance, and health. To bridge the existing gap between producers, transformers, and consumers, it is crucial to foster connections and facilitate collaborations that fuel groundbreaking advancements.

Join us in this captivating conversation as we unveil the tremendous potential and opportunities that lie within the uncharted territory of tech-enabled agriculture. Stay tuned to find out how the synergy between innovation and finance can drive meaningful change in this transformative industry.

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– Astanor Ventures
– Squawk Box

Eric Archambeau, founder of venture capital firm Astanor Ventures, says agricultural food is the last sector to be tech-enabled.

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