UX/UI: The Crazy’8: A Design Thinking Workshop

## Description

Welcome to this YouTube video on generating a large quantity of ideas within a limited time using the Crazy’8 method. The Crazy’8 method is commonly used in brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops to encourage team participation and produce tangible results. In this animated presentation by Nicolas, you will discover a Crazy’8 method called “creation” that allows for generating variations in user journeys.


## Transcript

Nicolas, a senior designer with over 15 years of experience in the field, introduces himself and discusses his background working with companies like Renault, Orange Sosh, the Ministry of Interior, and robotics. After the introductions, Nicolas asks the viewers to share their professions in the chat to better understand their background and familiarity with design thinking.

Nicolas proceeds to conduct a survey on the viewers’ knowledge and experience with design thinking. The first question assesses their familiarity with design thinking, while the second question determines if they have ever facilitated or participated in a design thinking workshop. Based on the survey results, Nicolas plans to tailor the discussion accordingly.

Design thinking is a collective methodology that revolves around various workshops aimed at problem-solving. Nicolas briefly explains the popular “double diamond” approach, which involves studying the topic, followed by a phase of generating responses. This sequence of opening up to ideas and then concentrating on solutions is repeated multiple times.

Amidst the plethora of design thinking tools, one stands out for its dual capacity – the Crazy’8 method. The Crazy’8 method is named so due to the tension it creates within the workshop and the time limit imposed on its activities. It is an engaging design thinking workshop that facilitates individual actions of ideation and prototyping.

Nicolas highlights the playful and highly imaginative nature of the Crazy’8 method, emphasizing its ease of implementation. All you need is a piece of paper, folded three times, to create eight sections for answering pre-prepared questions. The group then collaborates to evaluate and select the most promising ideas, ultimately creating the best solution, service, or user experience.

Join Nicolas in this captivating workshop and delve into the fascinating world of generating ideas with the Crazy’8 method.

## Source

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Générer une grande quantité d’idées dans un temps limité, c’est possible grâce à la méthode du Crazy’8.

La méthode du Crazy’8 est utilisée dans les sessions de brainstorming ou les ateliers d’innovation pour encourager la participation de tous les membres de l’équipe et produire des résultats tangibles.

Au cours de cette présentation animée par Nicolas, découvrez une méthode Crazy’8 appelée « création » qui permet de générer des variations de parcours utilisateurs.

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