Utah Entrepreneur Establishes Company Focused on Flywheel Energy Storage

# What is Flywheel Energy Storage? Exploring a Sustainable Solution for Power Storage

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Are you curious about an innovative technology that can potentially revolutionize home power storage? Look no further than flywheel energy storage. In this video, we delve into the realm of flywheels and their incredible potential for storing power.

Did you know that a flywheel, weighing as much as a Toyota Corolla and spinning at thousands of RPM, could one day be a game-changer for your home’s energy needs? Join us today as we explore how one Utah entrepreneur, Peter Rosen, is creating his own power solution through flywheel energy storage.

The concept behind flywheel energy storage is simple yet powerful. It’s similar to the physics behind a kid’s toy truck with a spinning heavy flywheel inside. By putting energy into this flywheel, it can store a significant amount of energy. When you need power, the stored energy is released, generating electricity through a motor connected to the flywheel.

Flywheel energy storage is not a new idea. In fact, it has been used since the 1940s in various applications such as racecars, roller coasters, and physics labs. However, Peter Rosen has taken this concept a step further by developing a thoroughly modern flywheel designed for home use. With cutting-edge features like floating on magnets and being encased in a vacuum for reduced friction, this flywheel offers impressive reliability and longevity.

Although there are some challenges, like the potential for flywheel failure, advancements in materials and monitoring sensors have ensured safety and prevented catastrophic incidents. Moreover, while flywheel energy storage may be costlier than chemical batteries initially, its longer product life and higher power output make it more affordable in the long run.

Imagine having a flywheel energy storage system that can store up to 10 kW hours of electricity. While it may not be sufficient to charge an electric car entirely, it can still provide steady power for household needs. This resilient and sustainable solution aligns perfectly with the global shift towards a greener, more environmentally friendly future.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of flywheel energy storage and its potential to transform the way we generate and store power. Watch the video now and gain a better understanding of this exciting technology that may soon find its place in your backyard!

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What weighs as much as a Toyota Corolla, spins at thousands of rotations per minute, and, a Utah entrepreneur hopes, might one day live in your backyard and store power to run your home? It’s called flywheel energy storage.

Learn more about how this man is creating his own power.

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  1. Efficiency is usually around 70 % for flywheels or Pumped Hydro. Not as good as the 90% in batteries. He already has hydropower, he could just build a couple of small dams and add a cheap pump and some valves and control system, and he would have Pumped Hydro storage at low cost.

  2. every powerstation already has "FES".

    the turbine, and the rotor. hundreds, if not thousands of tonnes spinning around and around and around…

    they store TEMPORARY power to maintain steady RPM. to absorb variations in delivered power and load.

    wait until you delve into critical shaft speeds, resonances, and the issue of staying below, or accelerating fast enough to get past these zones without disintegrating…

    a smart one would have simply added a few tonne of flywheel to the "hydropower" he apparently has somewhere.

    why add so many extra steps, producing electricity just to spin a wheel to then produce electricity?

    that will only ever return 1/4 of the power it took to get it up to speed.

    people fall for this BS because theyre ignorant. stories like this only strengthen the ignorance.

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