Using Proximity Marketing to Promote Food Trucks

# Food Truck Marketing: Reach Your Target Audience Everywhere You Go!

Are you a food truck caterer or hot dog vendor looking to get more exposure for your business? Look no further! With our proximity marketing solution, you can instantly advertise on nearby smartphones every place you go. Whether you’re at food truck rodeos, tailgaters, sports stadiums, conferences, conventions, office buildings, flea markets, or any other event, you can reach potential customers in your vicinity.

**How Does Proximity Marketing Work?**

Proximity marketing utilizes a small Bluetooth low-energy device called a beacon to repeatedly transmit your push notification to local Android smartphones. The best part is that the smartphone owners don’t even need to have an app installed! As long as they have their Bluetooth and location turned on (which most people do), they will receive your notification once they enter the range of the beacon. In an open area, the range can be as large as a football field, giving you the opportunity to reach a significant number of people.

**Why Choose Proximity Marketing for Your Food Truck?**

Proximity marketing is an incredibly effective strategy for food truck advertising. By having your ads displayed directly on the phones of potential customers in your vicinity, you can gain more exposure than your competition. Imagine the possibilities! Whether you’re serving delicious street food at a busy street fair, a concert venue, or a state fair, you can make sure your food truck announcements reach the right people at the right time.

**Affordable Beacon Plans and Excellent Results**

At [BullCity Beacons](, we offer affordable beacon plans that suit your marketing needs. Contact us today to get started or to receive additional information. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach a larger audience and boost your food truck business. Start attracting more customers now!

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Food Truck Marketing

Advertise To Nearby Smartphones Everyplace You Go!
Now you can reach people at Food Truck Rodeos, Tail-gaters, Sports Stadiums, Conferences, Conventions, Office Buildings, Flea Markets,

Now You Can Advertise Your Food Truck Announcements To Smartphoness everyplace you go.
How, by using proximity marketing.

Let me explain. A small Bluetooth low energy device called a beacon repeatedly transmits your push notification to local android smartphones. The smartphone owners don’t even have to have an app installed. If they have their Bluetooth & location turned on, which most people due. They will receive your notification once they enter into the range off the beacon which in an open area, can be the area of a football field. Imagine how many people you can reach anytime you desire, All day long.

Beacon plans are very affordable, contact us today to get started. Thank you.

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