Unleashing Funding for Your Startup: Defying Background Barriers with Maria Palma | Kindred Capital

# Inspirational Startup Stories and Practical Takeaways | Maria Paola, General Partner at Kindred Capital

Welcome to the *Undress Hamburg* podcast, where we share inspiring startup stories packed with practical takeaways. In this episode, we’re joined by Maria Paola, a General Partner at Kindred Capital, a venture capital firm focused on the European tech scene.

Maria has had a diverse background, working in both small startups and large corporates across various countries, including India, UK, Australia, Brazil, and New York. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey and is dedicated to overcoming biases and helping those from diverse backgrounds succeed.

Throughout the episode, Maria shares her insights and experiences, providing valuable advice for entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation!

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Inspirational stories plus practical takeaways from the entrepreneurship world.

Today’s guest is Maria, a General Partner at Kindred Capital. They are venture capitalists who focus on the European tech scene. Maria has a varied background, having worked in small startups and huge corporates. She has worked in India, UK, Australia, Brazil and New York.

Maria is particularly passionate about helping entrepreneurs right at the start of the journey. She’s conscious of how culture and background affect how people perceive founders and she works hard to overcome these biases and help those from diverse backgrounds to succeed.

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