Union’s Optimization through Multichannel Organization

**Title:** Modern Organizing: A Multichannel Approach for Unions | Webinar


Welcome to our webinar on modern organizing strategies for unions! In this session, we will discuss the importance of a multichannel approach in reaching members, supporters, and the public for effective organizing. Discover best practices for communication through various channels, including email, SMS text messages, direct mail, and phone calls.

We will also explore how you can integrate your communication efforts with member and voter contact databases. Learn how to seamlessly sync information between your organizing software, marketing software, and member databases for streamlined operations.

If you’re looking to enhance your labor union’s digital program, this webinar is for you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of digital organizing, our presentation will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed.

### Key Topics:
– Email campaigns
– SMS text messaging
– Direct mail
– Phone outreach

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This description is adapted from the YouTube video [Modern Organizing: A Multichannel Approach for Unions](video_link).


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*Note: The original transcript has been edited for conciseness and coherence.*

Modern organizing requires a multichannel approach so you can reach your members where they are, when they want to be reached, and via their preferred contact methods.

In this webinar, we share best practices for unions to communicate with their members, supporters, and the public for the purposes of organizing. We discuss organizing via:
• Email
• SMS text messages
• Direct mail
• Phones
• And more!

We’ll also discuss how you can integrate communications with your member or voter contact database, and how you can automatically sync information between your organizing software, marketing software, and member databases.

To get a custom demo for your labor union, go to

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